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The Pathology of Racism In The Age of Climate Change!

Why absence of melanin informs the great replacement theory!

It's important to approach this topic with sensitivity and understanding. The correlation between skin color and birth rates is unequivocally based on biological factors related to skin color. More aptly melanin content in the human body as it is present in all organs, differences in birth rates can be influenced by a variety of social, cultural, economic, and historical factors that vary widely across different populations and regions. It's essential to recognize that most generalizations about skin color are not based on inherent biological differences, but rather on complex social and environmental factors. but the science of global warming high UV radiation is clear. If you have specific questions about demographics or birth rates in a particular region or population, A simple google search about what populations are having low birth and inability to maintain populations including highest rates of skin cancer deaths, suicides and infertility can provide more information on those specific factors.

Medical school teaches us about racial health disparities, but only some of them. We learn that Black people are poorer and sicker than White people, but not that doctors have more positive attitudes toward White patients.2 We learn that Black children have higher asthma rates than White children, but not that Black children are likely to live closer to toxic waste facilities3 — an inequity known as environmental racism. We learn that Black women are less likely to breast-feed than White women, but not that White women forced African slaves to breast-feed their owners’ children while neglecting their own.

It took me time to realize that medical education is shaped by who defines the narrative. In medical school, I watched my classmates robotically type notes about how Black people lag behind White people in virtually every health outcome — and I left each lecture with a sour taste in my mouth. Instead of feeling energized about medicine, I felt worried and downtrodden. Something seemed wrong, but I couldn’t articulate it.

Now, as a resident and activist, I have finally found my words. Here they are: it is a slap in the face to explain away racial health disparities by citing poverty or lack of health care access without acknowledging the impact of racism — to suggest that Black people are simply poor and inferior, without acknowledging centuries of barriers intentionally placed in our way. The value of Melanin is currently 750.00 a gram! The price of gold per gram is $69.00 a gram.


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