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The Planet Is Hotter Yet You May Be Too Poor for Social Security Assistance!

New Laws Don't Count Employment Less Than Thirty Days and Earnings Less $2000 Dollars A Month, New Laws Disenfranchises Veterans, Medical Support Workers, Migrants, Day laborers, and Minimum Wage Janitorial Workers!

starting in 2024, military members would only receive their full disability payments if their annual household income was below a certain level. Disability benefits would be phased out for veterans with income above a certain threshold. Your Social Security check will decrease if you owe certain debts like back taxes or student loans. Taking your Social Security benefits early can reduce your payments by up to 30%. Triggered by higher income, a higher Medicare premium can diminish your monthly Social Security check.

Under current Social Security rules, workers who have immigrated to the United States are likely to receive lower benefits than natives. Because Social Security requires 40 quarters of covered earnings before an individual is eligible to receive any benefits, many immigrants may not meet eligibility requirements. Because the Baby Boomers are a big generation, followed by increasingly smaller generations, due in part to the effects of climate on birthrates, it means that for any given payroll tax, there's not enough revenue to pay the benefits. This gets the system into financial difficulty. It's not coming from the fact that Social Security benefits have gotten really generous.

Climate change impacts our society by disrupting the natural, economic and social systems we depend on. This disruption will affect food supplies, industry supply chains and financial markets, damage infrastructure and cities, and harm human health and global development. By 2050, because of the current rate of immigration and the absence of revenue from these populations due to low paying positions the US net retirement benefits will be about 44% lower than they would have been in the absence of cuts already enacted that: (a) increase the full benefit retirement age; (b) tax a growing share of Social Security benefits; and (c) permanently delay the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) from July to January.

Not working long enough is the most obvious reason someone wouldn't be eligible for Social Security retirement benefits. You must have a work history of at least 10 years to earn the credits you need to be eligible for Social Security as a retiree. The new laws will assure most new immigrants and seasonal workers as well as day laborers to not get credit for their work because the pay and hours monthly will discount them as valid earners. In the years before the pandemic wage inequalities between migrant workers and US nationals were of very high levels, women migrant workers are doubly dis-criminated against, especially with regard to pay.

In regards to snap benefits if you are Ukrainian In 2024, Ukrainians will be able to receive a maximum of $291 per person, $535 per family of two and $766 per family of three. If you have certain income or assets, or receive cash assistance, your SNAP amount may be less. If you are Mexican, African, Central American, Afghan, Indian, South American or Asian if you are lawfully admitted for permanent residence (LPRs, or individuals with green cards) can be eligible for SNAP assistance once you meet one of the following additional conditions: Live in the U.S. for at least five years. Work during 40 qualifying quarters. Are under the age of 18. If you are Ukrainian you are exempt from sponsor deeming requirements.

The difference in treatment is because the USA is "NOT" a racist country per se it just needs white people to maintain its falling white demographics to maintain white privilege even if it means hurting blue collar white families in the short term. As the U.S. prepares to welcome tens of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing war, the country continues to deport scores of African and Caribbean refugees back to unstable and violent homelands where they’ve faced rape, torture, arbitrary arrest and other abuses of course this is done because the US wants to help them be self sufficient by giving them AID at a cost that keeps them in debt, from a distance.


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