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Yasuke' Historic Black Samurai In New Creed Video Game Triggers Racists!

Video Games are featuring more and more protagonists of color because those are the most common population demographics in younger generations! Is Climate Change To blame?

The number of children in the United States continues to grow, expected to reach 80 million in 2025, and account for 25% of our nation's population. For the fourth consecutive year, in 2024 children of color constitute the majority of all children in the United States at 55.6%. The Black population alone rose from 13.4 percent to 17 percent in January 2024 when it was uncovered that the US census undercounted black people by (conservatively) as much as 25 percent!

Retainers were basically freelance samurai from less powerful clans. If they were seen as great warriors then as part of an elite group they would be "retained" to a lord, and receive a stipend, housing, and the best the lord had to offer. All the big clan lords in feudal japan have Shinobi (Assassins) as their secret bodyguard. You need an assassin to protect your life from another assassin.


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