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White Supremacy Fears Green Energy More Than Nuclear Weapons & Guns!

Rising Elite prosperity, as measured by economic growth, has long been linked to an abundance of fossil fuels. Many politicians fear that the pursuit of clean-energy sources will compromise that economic development and create equity over exploitation! White supremacists are the easiest tool to keep the status quo and permanent under classes!

Wealth—the measure of an individual’s or family’s financial net worth—provides all sorts of opportunities for American families. Wealth makes it easier for people to seamlessly transition between jobs, move to new neighborhoods, and respond in emergency situations. It allows parents to pay for or help pay for their children’s education and enables workers to build economic sustainability in retirement. Importantly, it is the most complete measure of a family’s future economic well-being. After all, families rely on their wealth to pay their bills if their regular income disappears during an unemployment spell or after retiring, for instance. But wealth is not only about what a person earns but also about what a person has to spend to maintain a good and prosperous household, Self sufficiency is the enemy of capitalism. When people have all they need they tend to be conservative in how much they spend. Green energy allows people to satisfy a significant proportion of their needs inexpensively and sometimes free!

So many pundits on the right and left are pushing the concept that freedom persists and exists only if its not free! they couple this with other ideas such as feeding the poor is bad, making rich people pay taxes is bad, teaching our children the truth about history is bad, Electric vehicles are bad, and doing everything in our power to stop the companies that cause climate change from doing more harm is very, very bad! So the first order of business is to make sure we always have enough poor people to do jobs no one else wants! Less wealth translates into fewer opportunities for upward mobility and is compounded by lower income levels and fewer chances to build wealth or pass accumulated wealth down to future generations. Thus stopping avenues to wealth allows businesses to make greater profits for those at the top.

Were it not for social media this game on the minds of lower class whites in the USA could have gone on forever! they believed most blacks lived in ghettos they were poor and addicted to drugs or gangsters. They believed Mexicans were all uneducated farmers who came to pillage America and take their coveted domestic worker and farmhand jobs. They believed all Asians came over on cargo boats packed like sardines looking for opportunities to spread communism and open Laundromats and Chinese restaurants!

As long as they believed this they could feel superior in their whiteness even as they died of black lung disease from coal mines, or farmed for decades only to have the banks foreclose as every year they received less for produce that never lowered as much in price at the marketplace. Now we are seeing racial equity in American poverty and those who supported the politicians who used to sweettalk their votes with code words espousing racial privilege now cater to the only color they ever truly cared about GREEN as in dollars! it is not black "Wokeness" they fear, but an increasing young white demographic that understands their parents were suckers in a conservative con game being played by two sides of the same coin one side blue and the other red and both controlled by the green!

Several key factors exacerbate this vicious cycle of wealth inequality. Black households, for example, had far less access to tax-advantaged forms of savings, due in part to a long history of employment discrimination and other discriminatory practices. A well-documented history of mortgage market discrimination means that blacks were significantly less likely to be homeowners than whites, which means they had less access to the savings and tax benefits that come with owning a home. Persistent labor market discrimination and segregation also forced blacks into fewer and less advantageous employment opportunities than their white counterparts. That has changed, now ALL Americans have less access to stable jobs, good wages, and retirement benefits at work— all key drivers by which American families gained access to savings. Moreover, under the current tax code, families with higher incomes receive increased tax incentives associated with both housing and retirement savings. Welcome to the party White America, you paid for it!

The bottom line is that persistent housing and labor market discrimination is now the norm for all Americans regardless of complexion if you were born in a working class family you get to watch the middle class fade and deal with the damaging cycle of wealth inequality. Waiting for a white Messiah like trump or a Black Messiah like Obama isn't going to save you when they both play on the same team and that team is trying to beat you!


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