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Video Game Exposes A Climate Changed Woke Future!

Fanboys Up In Arms Over Demographic In Grand Theft Auto VI!

Grand Theft Auto 6 Officially Smashes YouTube Record With Most-Viewed Game Trailer Launch Ever!

Therefore it is clear that demography will play a substantial role in the dynamics of climate changes and the game getting enormous attention internationally is the billion dollar property known ans Grand Theft Auto specifically number 6 in the franchise due for release in 2025!

The fact is because of the almost 20 year almost yearly doubling of skin cancer from UV exposure across the globe in peope without the protection of melanin beach culture and especially tanning on beaches has fallen out of favor and launched a revolution in the sun blocking manufacture of the cosmetics industry. It's a fashion need (Tanning) that is quickly dwindling among millennial and Gen Z Europeans.

Up until 1923 a tan was considered coarse- working class farm labourers (in the the USA referred to as "Blue Collar Workers") were the only tanned white people. ‘Cultured’ white people were extremely white. Coco Chanel, of the perfume fame, was a fashion designer and trend setter. She took an African Nile cruise in 1923. Got badly sunburned, accidentally, and returned to Paris some weeks later with a tan. She was applauded for her daring new look that people assumed was done purposely. She started a fad that persists to this day and has probably caused more white people's deaths than Napoleon or the bubonic plague. Tanning became fashionable because of her. Skin cancer/ melanoma is a remnant of an accidental fashion movement.

Those that do tan don’t “always” go to the beach to get a tan. Most of the time, people seeking a tan don’t go to the beach at all. And those that do go to the beach to get a tan, may not do that more than one or two days a week. As for getting a tan, some may do that in their back yard, or at a local swimming pool, and sometimes they go to a tanning spa which is actually worse for your health. UV radiation is generally affected by changes in the stratospheric ozone and global climate change. Decreased stratospheric ozone allows more UV-B (which has a higher-frequency than UV-A, hence is more harmful for us) to reach the Earth's surface. As climate change persists and the earth gets warming we will increasingly see people without natural protection from UV radiation avoiding the potential hazards of extreme lengths of time in the sun.

Ozone depletion has lead to an increase in skin cancers and worryingly this is still rising. The depletion will however peak when we stop using oil and shift to a green energy paradigm and then the ozone layer will be able (we hope) to repair itself. Yet we have seen no real movement internationally in this area with the exception of about a handful of nations. As the ozone layer gets thinner, the protective filter activity of the atmosphere is progressively reduced. Consequently, the people and the environment are exposed to higher levels of UV radiation, especially UVB.

Many people are considering injecting artificial melanin called melanotan as a way to survive climate changed habitats. Exposure to sun or ultraviolet (UV) light, especially after taking a medicine called psoralens, may increase skin color (pigmentation). Increased pigment production is called hyperpigmentation, but side effects can result in certain rashes as well as sun exposure increases. Decreased pigment production is called hypopigmentation.

A hate crime occurs every hour in the United States. Simply put,the rise of hate groups in the US is epidemic and has doubled every decade for the last 20 years. Many of these groups look for youth and encourage them to target schools, churches and affluent black communities. . There is a long history in this country of white mobs (e.g., Tulsa, Rosewood, Wilmington). In January 2020,

members of “ ,” a neo-Nazi white separatist group aiming to start a race war, were apprehended in and Georgia thanks to good law enforcement work. It is no accident that members of this organization were apprehended in the two states with the most affluent communities of Black Americans. Adults who engage in acts of racialized violence often exhibit discriminatory and

problematic behavior as youths.

Many of these youths get their world view or imagined view of how the world should be from video games, comic books, Science Fiction, and Sword and Fantasy media like Conan the Barbarian. The problem is the younger the population is globally the less white it is and that scares white supremacists who adhere to a belief that they are being forced into extinction. Statements like" I wont pre order. If i find out this game is even slightly woke i wont play..."many white gamers are calling for a boycott of the game two years before its release!" For them the word WOKE means black or representative of progressive values like equal rights for women and transgenders and equal pay across the board. But is this racism justified because the primary users of this game franchise are known to be conservative racists?

Some would argue definitely not! It is an interesting question. GTA has been always very close to gay, trans and inmigrant communities. The two previous games in the franchise set in progressive cities, but this time the action will take place in a parody of Florida known for extreme racist politics and recently the Federal Government warned black and Hispanic vacationers to avoid the state as is is known lately for its very conservative borderline anti American book burning anti woke (Code for Black) policies. Inmigrants and LGBTI would be more "hidden" than in previous games. Of course this will give R* (Rockstar the parent company of Grand Theft Auto) almost infinite ammo for all the parodies and irony the game is known for, but it could also affect the inclusion of certain characters/environments due the setting's inmersive nature as white fans could be faced with a visual reality instead of a fiction of a white majority global perspective.

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10. Dez. 2023
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I'm actually very interested in this conversation. I'm wondering about the reaction of non-American (especially European) people to this trailer. Most of the NPCs were black/nonwhite, so I'd imagine some of them were dumbfounded at the idea of an entire city in America being majority nonwhite, since that's pretty much nonexistent in the rest of the Western world.

I think some people will naturally be taken aback at this, not because they're racist and only want to see white people, but because it's a pretty novel thing to see a country that was historically white now being so nonwhite. I don't think any other country in the world has had such a rapid demographic change, on purpose (i.e. through purposeful…

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We agree the society we live in gets increasingly complicated especially in the areas of climate justice that so profoundly affects migration and demographics globally. We view the impending struggle for basic resources like fertile land and water to be of great import.

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