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Traore's Golden Touch Makes Burkina Faso Green!

Under President Ibrahim Traore' Burkina Faso's use of solar energy in 2024 appears to be promising. The nation is positioned as a rising star in the world's solar energy landscape because to its wealth of sunlight and dedication to enhancing energy availability and sustainability.

In a pivotal move to bolster Burkina Faso’s electricity supply strategy, the Minister of Energy, Mines, and Quarries, Simon-Pierre BOUSSIM, and Serge CONSEIGA, General Director of Energie Plus, sealed an agreement for the construction of a 50-megawatt peak (50 MWp) solar power plant in the commune of Komsilga, Burkina Faso. This is all due to the vision of Ibrahim Traore who is inspiring his country to begin the process of self reliance and because of that he is angering the nations who wish to keep his nation poor and destitute so they can continue robbing it of resources!

Serge CONSEIGA highlighted that the project aims to fortify the contribution of renewable energies to Burkina Faso’s energy mix, marking a crucial step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape. Considered as the initial stride, the company, Energie Plus, envisions progressing swiftly with the project, with the aspiration to bring reliable electricity to meet the needs of the local communities in the coming months.

On Thursday, November 23,2023 Ibrahim Traoré inaugurated the construction of a gold refinery in Ouagadougou. The first gold refinery in the country will have a production capacity of 150 tons of 99.99 percent pure gold per year, or about 400 kg of gold per day. In 2021, Burkina Faso exported $7.71B in Gold. The main destinations of Burkina Faso exports on Gold were Switzerland ($6.72B), India ($935M), Rwanda ($22.2M), United Arab Emirates ($19M), and Italy ($5.11M). How much of that went to the people of Burkina Faso? less than 10 percent. But that was before Ibrahim Traore took over the country from its corrupt leadership and informed the people who had been aiding foreigners in robbing the country that now they would have to start investing in their nation instead of their greedy pockets, and it was not a suggestion!

As for other nations they will no longer be able to bleed Burkina Faso dry then claim the nation owes them for aid that only benefitted corrupt leaders and Western powers with an agenda to keep Africans in debt! The West African nation of Burkina Faso increased the minimum royalty rate for gold spot price above $1,500 an ounce to 6% from 5%, the military government said in a decree seen by Bloomberg. The rate will rise to 6.5% for spot higher than $1,700 to $2,000 and further to 7% for spot above $2,000, it said. Although artisanal gold mining is known for human rights violations and environmental degradation, it is an increasingly important economic activity for Western nations to exploit many African countries, the offer the con with spiels about the high potential to alleviate poverty but the money NEVER reached the average citizen until now.

Already international debt in the nation is being removed. Burkina Faso's current account deficit is set to improve to 5% of GDP in 2024, thanks to higher mining exports and improved terms of trade, driven by higher gold prices. Growth in 2024 is projected at 5% and should be driven by the agricultural (4.9%) and services (6%) sectors, as well as a continued recovery in secondary production (3.5%). Traore intends to build infrastructure starting with energy and education.

For Traore the fight for free education, access to basic needs, and a better future for children is driven by instilling important values and beliefs in the next generation. His ambition is to create modern schools where children can flourish and have access to socio-professional structures. The long term objective is to make education completely free for all children, ensuring a minimum of dignity and opportunity for those in unfavorable situations.

Burkina Faso has made great progress in the field of renewable energy in recent years, and 2024 is expected to be a watershed year for the nation’s solar energy industry. Burkina Faso is well-positioned to use the power of the sun to boost economic growth, expand access to energy, and lower carbon emissions because of its abundant sunlight and growing demand for sustainable energy sources. This write-up examines Burkina Faso’s promising solar energy future in 2024. 90 MW of solar PV capacity was installed nationwide.

West African nation Burkina Faso has a significant geographic advantage when it comes to solar power. The nation is a prime location for the development of solar energy because to its 2,800 hours of sunshine each year on average. The possibility to access this plentiful and clean energy source is made possible by the sunny weather and huge open spaces. The necessity to increase the population’s access to energy is one of the main reasons Burkina Faso is pushing for solar power. A sizable percentage of the nation still doesn’t have access to dependable energy in 2024, which hinders both economic growth and quality of life.


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