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Electric Vehicles aren't just more fun to drive than most gas cars, they're powered by electricity, which you can generate yourself. So in the event of a gas shortage or zombie apocalypse you can easily keep going so long as you have the right equipment installed at your house.

Driving on Sunshine the concept is dedicated to the idea that personal and industrial transportation should have virtually no impact on our environment or on our nation's energy capacity it is a doctrine of intelligence and forethought rather than greed and shortsightedness. It's a great feeling to be able to drive an EV in summer entirely with energy generated by your own solar panels and leaving home every day with a smile a full charge and a full wallet.

"Thriving on Sunshine TM/Copyright Black Coral Inc. Is the concept of adding a solar powered Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) To an Off grid Solar Powered Home with a battery storage system and powering your EV (Electric Vehicle) with the excess energy!"

The AWG system works through a 3-step process (Fig 1). 1) The fans powered by solar photovoltaics (PV) draw air from the surroundings through an air filter, then absorbent materials collect the water Page 2 vapor. 2) The vapor is then converted into clean water using the sun's heat. AWGs require electricity to operate, and the energy source used can impact their overall sustainability therefore it is crucial to utilize a renewable energy battery storage system for your solar powered energy to ensure that the energy used for AWGs comes from renewable sources to minimize their carbon footprint. The ocean floor has more coltan and other minerals than the world could ever use! These resources are easily accessible by deep sea mining which can utilize retrofitted oil rigs to enable a clean extraction process.

The size and extent of mineral deposits that Sea Bed Mining delivers could provide raw materials worth trillions annually for everything from batteries and jet engines to wind turbines and mobile phones. Some deep seabed mining has already taken place within countries’ waters: Japan in 2017, and in Papua New Guinea where the controversial Solwara 1 mining project has ground to a halt. But this year will see a critical global debate on how to manage the resources that lie in “the area” – international waters of more than 200 meters deep that cover nearly two-thirds of the earth. The war of attrition n the DRC is a smoke screen to establish an African foothold and keep intra-African trade from connecting the continent in an infrastructure of production, manufacturing and transport that mutually assures African nations of great wealth without the need for countries outside the continent.

Combining Solar, with water generation and investment in a net-zero home promises an excellent resale value. Greater health and comfort: Net-zero homes prioritize comfort and indoor air quality through high-performance insulation, double-paned windows and advanced HVAC systems. An electric vehicle completes the occasion.


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