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The Perils of Ignoring Climate Change!

We have a choice Truth or Consequences? Is Project 2025 attack on the environment an option based on greed that essentially offers suicide for people without natural protection from the sun?

Project 2025, spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation, represents a comprehensive initiative aimed at implementing a series of conservative policy measures. This insidious project seeks to fundamentally transform the structure and functions of the United States federal government away from equality and inclusion and base it on the premise of white inferiority. At its core, Project 2025 advocates for a significant consolidation of executive power to enable a future white minority to maintain control over the nation despite its demographic natural decline, intending to streamline decision-making processes and enact policy changes swiftly to stop opposition.

One of the key focal points of Project 2025 is the cancellation of all efforts to mitigate climate change and any environmental efforts that keeps the USA from retaining its ability to enrich the wealthiest members of the population. And also, an overhaul of the education system by defunding and dismantling it allowing for more money to militarize the police nationally. Advocates of this project aim to introduce reforms that align more closely with specific conservative ideologies, potentially impacting curriculum content, teaching methodologies, and funding allocation. By exerting influence over education policies, Project 2025 proponents seek to shape the beliefs and values instilled in future generations.

In addition, Project 2025 places a strong emphasis on challenging climate change efforts. Critics argue that the project's proposals may prioritize economic interests over environmental concerns, potentially undermining existing sustainability initiatives and regulations. The approach outlined in Project 2025 could have far-reaching implications for environmental policy and the global fight against climate change. In fact, according to science it would assure that the continued levels of climate migration rise, and global demographic decline continues for people of European and Asian descent continues even faster. Project 2025 lower corporate taxes of oil companies and other polluters argue against abortion rights in the hopes of salvaging the birthrates of the dominant population that has been in decline for 20 years; criticism of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and the belief that all anti global warming and climate mitigation efforts are simply “climate fanaticism”

Moreover, Project 2025 has been criticized for its purported attempts to revise history through a lens of white supremacy which social scientists in this century see clearly as a symptom of the belief of innate white inferiority which causes a phobia or intense psychoses or fear of anyone phenotypically different. Moreover, in its efforts to recapture an idealized and distorted “golden age” before “decay” (Equality and Freedom) set in, white supremacy bears striking similarities to supremacist Islamist and militants. Detractors argue that the project's agenda includes promoting narratives that glorify a Eurocentric cultural and racial identity, potentially perpetuating harmful stereotypes and erasing diverse achievements, accolades and perspectives from historical discourse to injure and mis educate children of non-white parentage. The implications of such historical revisionism could have profoundly negative effects on societal perceptions and understanding of the past by making historical truth secondary to a white supremacist agenda. One part of that agenda is to make it impossible to prove intentional discrimination by using examples of "Disparate impact" by showing how many non-whites are damaged by racist overt behaviors and laws.

Furthermore, one of the most contentious aspects of Project 2025 is its perceived agenda to oppress populations that do not conform to a currently declining white Anglo-Saxon Protestant demographic majority. Critics warn that the project's policies and initiatives may disproportionately target marginalized communities, exacerbating social inequalities and perpetuating systemic discrimination. The potential ramifications of such oppressive measures could further polarize society and undermine principles of equality and justice. It’s now known that male factor infertility contributes about 50% of the total cases of global infertility this caused the population of Caucasians to reduce from 27% in the 1930's to less than 9% percent today. Especially non- eu-melanated men worldwide – Middle Eastern North Africa included –all are experiencing a worrying trend of decreased sperm count and quality by as much as 60% and dropping by 2% annually since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

There are multiple causes of male infertility. However, it is clear that environmental contaminants play a large part in declining fertility worldwide. Not only is extreme climate, high UV radiation, increased number of heatwaves, photolysis, climate caused malnutrition, a causal factor in low births but also pollutants such as polyfluoroalkyl substances, nanomaterials and endocrine disrupting compounds. These substances are found everywhere in 21st century modern lives.

In conclusion, Project 2025 stands as a controversial and far-reaching initiative that seeks to reshape the United States into a fictionalized version of a non-existent "golden era" past of benevolent oppressors who will save the country for the future by embracing avarice and classism. With its focus on conservative principles and executive power consolidation, the project has sparked intense debate regarding its potential impact on education, climate change, historical narratives, and social equality. As discussions surrounding Project 2025 continue, it remains essential to critically evaluate its implications for the future of the planet and its global citizens.


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