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The Iconoclasm of Climate & The Religious Roots of Whitewashing!

Iconoclasm: is the social belief in the importance of the destruction of icons and other images or monuments that don't resemble those seeking power, most frequently for religious or political reasons.

"The Hidden History American Schools Don't Want To Teach, is Simply Black! Iconoclasm literally means “image breaking” and refers to a recurring Religious & historical impulse to break, paint over, deface or destroy images for religious or socio-political reasons. This historical revisionism (like Egyptology) based on confusion, falsehoods and racist narratives still exists!"


Image Breaking did not start with a Kardashian Breaking The Internet with a "Hottentot" butt, or Cologne Howard's Breaking Boston Concept that was almost Co-op-ed by Markie Mark and A&E which was originally about four working-class BLACK women in their twenties trying to break the mold and better their lives (Mr. Howard still owns the Breaking Boston TM and has since turned it into a clothing line and Media Company employing Black Artists and Models!) Most people who research Iconoclasm (Image Breaking) and the art white-washing revisionism that ensued after the Moors (Blacks) were defeated by Charles the First and persecuted in the race-war disguised as a religious one, are African American. and that most white people ignore or are simply not interested in historical truths that may disrupt their world view.

At the Battle of Tours near Poitiers, France, Frankish leader Charles Martel, a Christian, defeats a large army of Spanish Moors, halting the Muslim advance into Western Europe. Abd-ar-Rahman, the Muslim governor of Cordoba, was killed in the fighting, and the Moors retreated from Gaul, never to return in such force. In fact with the advent of the horrific treatment of Black Jews, nobility and Moors in general by the inquisition European culture became one where acceptance of the states narratives or versions of history/religion was a requirement for survival.

This is similar to the current reluctance to e serious about climate change by the masses. "Latent class analysis on the European Social Survey identified four groups of people by climate change attitudes and beliefs. Strong evidence for four groups: Engaged (18%), Pessimistic (18%), Indifferent (42%), and Doubtful (21%)."(

Professor Samuel L. Popkin the Professor Emeritus of Political Science Ph.D., MIT asserts... " I would argue that this lack of interest stems from the notion of history ingrained in our heads from childhood that the only type of history that matters is that which concerns white lives and bodies. You would be hard pressed to learn about the wonders of Native American cultures and wars, African contributions to thought in our conception of government, and surely not the contributions of people of color to the technological and philosophical advancement of Europe during the enlightenment- it just does not happen."

The message from the global "Western" media constantly reinforces to Caucasians that Climate change will be terrible for (disenfranchised) Black and Hispanic communities, and a calamity for Sub-Saharan Africa the Middle East or South-East Asia but your "predominantly white neighborhood, city, or country will be just fine! The trouble with that is when those deluded have to face truths severe anxiety begins to take its toll and that can not only cause mental breaks but suicidal and homicidal ideations. "As we grapple with a warming world and increasingly unstable weather, our mental health is at risk. Psychologists say that stress, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder will increase as climate change's physical impacts accelerate, as many are witnessing in real time exposing the dangers just as scientists predicted.

Given that around 250,000 people in Europe are exposed to flood risk annually, and that this number could grow to 13,000,000 by the end of the century due to climate change, the potential impact of flooding across the European continent is huge. With a global average temperature increase of 3°C expected by 2060, it is projected that seasonal droughts would happen twice as often and absolute annual losses from droughts in Europe will increase to EUR 40 billion per year, with the most severe impacts in the Mediterranean and Atlantic regions. "At 3C of warming, ...the world could pass several catastrophic points of no return, from the runaway melting of ice sheets to the Amazon rainforest drying out. "Present trends are racing our planet down a dead-end 3C temperature rise," said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Neither rapid cuts in emissions nor the direct removal of carbon from the atmosphere will turn back the clock once these tipping points are reached.

Like the obfuscation of the real impact of global warming to the world and human life as it is today, mis-information only obscures history it doesn't wipe out the completely truths that through dedicated research are bound to be revealed as the Fictional Crime Sleuth Sherlock Holmes would say, "For every crime there is a witness, the perpetrator" Therefore, historic and contemporary religious iconoclasm supported by the Elites and Religious leaders underpins the maintenance of imperialist structures, re-enforcing racist traditions instituted by Catholics and Protestants (Valle, 2020), and jeopardizes human rights, cultural diversity, and religious (cultural) freedom. Cause and effect is present in Climate as well there is no separating of nations from the adverse effects of global Climate Change you can't paint over the sun!

There are nine global and seven regional Critical Tipping Event (CTEs) that have been identified as being critical to how our world will look in the future. The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report defines a tipping point as a "critical threshold beyond which a system reorganizes, often abruptly and/or irreversibly". It can be brought about by a small disturbance causing a disproportionately large change in the system. Reversing Iconoclasm and racism globally in the white supremacists systems little by little and exposing truth is the Critical Tipping Point of our global human society necessary to save it, the others around climate it is necessary to avoid!

We see this evident in the Florida school systems and others across the nation that simultaneously deny access to students for historical truths and hairstyles that reflect an adherence to a culture or racial identity that is not the European norm of the last century! The Florida and Texas school systems have allowed schools to use videos many from Prager U that contain misinformation about climate change, which is worsening the impacts of the hurricanes that strike the state of Florida and causing sea level rise and extreme weather conditions that caused freezing deaths in Texas.

"Prager U videos about the climate crisis make various false claims: they depict solar and wind power as environmentally dangerous, liken environmental activists to Nazis and claim recent record-breaking heat, ocean warming, is just part of the natural weather cycle."

Prager’s Chief Executive Officer, Marissa Streit, served in Israeli military intelligence, and stated to media that “Prager U is redefining how people think about media and education. We produce EDUTAINMENT (not education so they cannot be sued for outright lies, similar to FOX News ) – an intersection of education (based on opinion) and entertainment. Our content is essential to SHAPING CULTURE and preserving AMERICAN (White Anglo-Saxon) ideals.”

Texas has implemented more book bans to date than any state except Florida, according to PEN America. Schoolboards and policy makers across the State of Texas criticize climate science as a WOKE (their usage meaning Black) environmental agenda” and encouraged the board to adopt books that promote the importance of fossil fuel energy over renewable "Green" technologies.

Despite what the mainstream media reports, many supposed educated people still debate over climate change as being far from settled, despite the fact that many events climatologists predicted in the last 20 years have occurred,” Europe's best known Black aristocrat actually date to just after the Middle Ages, because most were erased from common memory or remade in art reproductions or repainting as a state sanctioned phenotype ((White skinned). We find this still occurring in representations of the elite in South and Central American history , It is also why the Sistine Chapel was so important in regards to redefining the phenotype of the personages of the Bible as extremely WHITE!

But when searching for bastions of truth in historical representations where do we look besides the snippets we get from Awakened Social Media outlets? "Look no further than the Harlem Renaissance and its definitive text in Alain Locke’s The New Negro. In spite of its shortcomings and emphasis on assimilation into white bourgeoisie, the achievement of The New Negro was palpable and, along with the Renaissance, succeeded in laying the groundwork for all depictions of fiction, poetry, and film of the contemporary Black American experience. Among the many, sometimes polarizing declarations made by Locke in the seminal volume, which included contributions by Afro-Puerto Rican historian Arturo Alfonso Schomburg among other Black immigrant writers, was a “spiritual coming-of-age” by way of our collective intelligentsia. His enthusiasm was prodigious and perhaps prophetic." (Marjua Estevez, 2023)


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