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The Browning Of the Earth!

Decline in global fertility Especially pronounced In Populations without Eumelanin! China's population will halve while Africa's will double by 2050!

In the year before the pandemic (2018-19), white natural decrease was -289,849. This dropped further in 2020-21, to -906,427, due to substantially more deaths and fewer births because of the median age of the white populace,for white Americans, the most common age in 2023 is 59, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data. White demographic decline is a decrease in the self-identified White populace as a percentage of the total population in a city, state, subregion, or nation. It has been recorded in a number of countries and smaller jurisdictions. For example, according to their national censuses, White Americans, White Canadians, White Latin Americans, and White people in every nation in Europe are in demographic decline. Most prominent in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the United Kingdom, respectively. White demographic decline can also be observed in other countries including Australia, New Zealand,and Tanzania.

Other notable concepts include demographer Eric Kaufmann's theory of "Whiteshift", which predicts transforming classifications of Whiteness as melanated or darker skinned majorities emerge, and social psychologist Jennifer Richeson's research into racial shift conditions, which outline how White people's hostility to other racial groups increases in proportion to their awareness of a drop in White population share.

Experts in extremism and terrorism have shown national demography in relation to white people to be subject to exploitation by both radical and political right-wing groups, including adherence to conspiracy theories. Asian countries are also affected by low replacement level births in China 58.56% of the country is over 40 years old and 40% of that number are over 55 !


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