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The Atmospheric Window is Closing!

Ocean heat content from greenhouse effect accounts for 91 percent of global warming, land warming is 8 percent and El Nino will be the causal factor for more heat from the Pacific. High Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) means more sunlight is reaching our planet and it is the highest amount in 40 years!

The atmospheric window is closed by clouds which absorb outgoing radiation and reradiating much of this energy back to Earth's surface. Wavelengths that occur within atmospheric windows range where the atmosphere is transparent. So adding more clouds as is suggested by many to stop Climate Change would be the dumbest thing to do! Although it seems counter intuitive it would do the reverse of the expected outcome. Switching to renewables and planting trees would be the intelligent thing to do but people and governments as a whole rarely do the most intelligent things instead they panic.


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