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Thank You Boston!

A Letter from Black Coral Inc. President Pam Goncalves

Dear Community Sponsor/Stakeholder,

We at Black Coral Inc., a 501c3 tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that embraces spirituality and the oneness between nature and mankind, were excited to receive, with your kind encouragement, many letters of support in our non profit endeavors. We value the good will and well wishers from our community far more than you might expect from a non profit. We believe in order to save the planet we all have been charged to safeguard, we must come together and be of one mind in order to defeat the onslaught of damage climate change is poised to do. This is our responsibility far beyond any other political diatribe for monetary gain.

Part of our ethos focuses on combating the ravages of modern life exacerbated by events like sea rise, loss of biodiversity, high UV radiation, health inequities and pollutants that affect healthy birth rates globally... We feel we will be successful in educating the public if we try to do this through art that recaptures ancestral knowledge and practices that educate, inform, and enrich our communities. We wish to extend our thanks to you for your example, time, thoughtful expressions of support and encouragement as a prominent community stakeholder that has given your voice to aid the Boston community at large.


Pamella Goncalves M.Ed-

President Black Coral Inc.

The Vision for Black Coral is to use ancient knowledge for healing. We work with indigenous people from all over the world to find solutions to modern problems through nature, art, and spirituality. We have a focus on climate change, health equity, the environment, and social justice.


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