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Supreme Court Gets More Xenophobic: Rules Against the Rights of Citizens to Bring Foreign Spouses To USA

Legislators believe this will cause citizens to take their money out of the country as they raise their families in other nations! Supreme Court says decision can be made without giving an explanation and decisions can be based on having a tattoo or a look that makes someone uncomfortable such as black, yellow, or brown skin.

Jurist News reports: The US Supreme Court ruled on Friday that citizens do not have a right to have their non-citizen spouses allowed into the country. Justice Amy Coney Barrett wrote for a 6-3 majority that “a citizen does not have a fundamental liberty interest in her noncitizen spouse being admitted to the country” after a US citizen was unable to secure an immigrant visa for her Salvadoran husband.

The case of Department of State et al. v. Muñoz et al. concerned Sandra Muñoz, a US citizen. She attempted to obtain an immigrant visa for her husband, Salvadoran citizen Luis Asencio-Cordero, who had lived in the US for several years. The application was denied based on 8 U.S.C. §1182(a)(3)(A)(ii), which makes a non-citizen inadmissible if the US State Department believes on reasonable grounds that the individual is entering solely to engage in “unlawful activity.” However, this reasoning was only provided after a protracted legal battle.

Some migration scholars who study mixed-citizenship marriages are of the opinion this ruling threatens some families whose members are citizens or have the legal right to stay in the U.S., similarly to those who do not – and add to the consequences of being undocumented. The research shows that when one family member lacks legal immigration status in the U.S., the family as a whole assumes an undocumented status.

When one family member cannot safely travel, work or access health care, all family members suffer. This is seen as a way to get rid of certain citizens who don't fit a specific checkbox that phenotypically aligns with the American majority.


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