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Overpopulation Is A Lie!

The Fear and Racism Behind The Myth...Used To Kill The Poor!

The overpopulation hoax has led to horrible population control programs. The United Nations Population Fund has helped governments deny women the right to choose the number and spacing of their children. Overpopulation concerns led China to enact a brutal one-child policy. Forced sterilization is a method of population control in some countries. Nearly a quarter-million Peruvian women were sterilized. Our government, through the U.N. Population Fund, is involved in “population moderation” programs around the world, including in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia. But where are the U.N population programs to reduce predominantly White populations?

The entire premise behind population control is based on the faulty logic that humans are not valuable resources. The fact of business is that humans are what the late Julian L. Simon called the ultimate resource. When it comes to Europeans the UN states the following..."Studies have proven that the emptying of "rural" European areas bears negative consequences not only on the economy and the environment, but it also poses a threat to the political stability of the European Union as a whole. "More than three out of ten people in Europe are aged 65+. Two in ten is living in an urban or semi-urban region experiencing a decline in population. While, in rural regions, 75% of children are living in a depopulating area. More than 50% of Mediterranean children, moreover, is an only child. Eastern and Central Europe as well, are harshly affected by depopulation. There is no doubt that this decline has become an emergency for the European continent, yet they would push this agenda on the rest of the world ? With things expected to worsen in the near future, now exacerbated by increased extreme weather events and the pandemic as well as immunizations that affect fertility.

That fact becomes apparent by pondering this question: Why is it that Gen. George Washington did not have cellphones to communicate with his troops and rocket launchers to sink British ships anchored in New York Harbor? Surely, all of the physical resources — such as aluminum alloys, copper, iron ore and chemical propellants — necessary to build cellphones and rocket launchers were around during Washington’s time. In fact, they were around at the time of the cave man. There is only one answer for why cellphones, rocket launchers and millions of other things are around today but were not around yesteryear. The growth in human knowledge, human ingenuity, job specialization and trade led to industrialization, which, coupled with personal liberty and private property rights, made it possible. Human beings are valuable resources, and the more we have of them the better.


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