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Netflix' Goodtimes Ani-Remake Is NO Boondocks! Just Coonery & Buffoonery!

Fans of intelligent Black TV pledge to Boycott show that seeks to vilify and denigrate the Black struggle for social justice!

John Allen Amos Jr. (born December 27, 1939) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as James Evans Sr. on the CBS television series Good Times. The character was killed off because Amos refused to denigrate his character and himself by playing a weak minded fool on TV his strong portrayal reflected the actuality of life for a father who chooses to stay and fight the system of white supremacy that offered money to black families via welfare to discard the fathers in an attempt to destroy the black family and create a docile passive and or criminal minded male youth for the creation of school to prison pipelines of modern US slavery!


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