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Millennial Focused Social Media Stock on the Rise! Is it Worth Building A "Fanbase" on Facebook?

A new social Media Platform called Fanbase is outpacing Facebook and Twitter stocks that are falling drastically!

Facebook has. 3.8 billion people globally. Most brands use Facebook and you can tell which brands use it as well, popularity is determined by how many friends they have. Some people have millions of adoring fans desperate to interact. But I’m going to ask…what’s the point of building a fanbase with Facebook when Fanbase, a new social media site, does it better? Just ask anyone who pays even the slightest interest in social media, if 'organic' reach has fallen dramatically since Facebook became an all powerful media channel. They would answer that “Engagement falls as fanbase increases. Which you would expect really. Just as with purchasing behavior, the bigger the audience, the more light buyers enter your market, so purchasing (or engagement) drops in frequency.”

This great decline all started with a different platform TikTok! As Black TikTokers grew increasingly frustrated with a content moderation system some say is unfair and racially biased, it was noted that platforms like facebook did the same thing blocking educational posts about melanin, health and black history as if it were porn! Many began giving up on the short-form video behemoth Tik Tok altogether and turning their attention toward competing social networks hoping for one that would give them everything the other platforms did — some well-established and massive, others newer and/or catering to more niche audiences, but not until Fanbase did one arise that could be the next king!

For brands and businesses Facebook isn't really a social media. It's just a media channel, with an audience to be bought. Which doesn't mean that it diminishes Facebook's validity as a media. How could it? Mass media works and Facebook is certainly now a mass media. Currently Fanbase has over a half a million followers but it is growing fast and you can still purchase stock as an individual investor for less than 250 dollars a share at the time of this post. Not only is Fanbase is an extremely innovative social media platform that benefits artists and creators of all types, but it allows you to monetize your page One could definitely recommend anyone joining with a huge following could begin earning money from the content you already post on other social sites. Once you're set up, your earned revenue over $50 will be deposited into your account on the first of every month. Fanbase splits all revenue and pays you every month.So Far Dancers, Artists, Cosplayers,Fashionistas, Gamers, Hoteps, New Media Influencers, Health and Green Tech buffs and Musicians lead the pack of entrepreneurs! They understand People are the lifeblood of your business. Building relationships with people fosters loyalty. As a result, loyalty has the potential to increase profits. An excellent way to start building relationships with people who share similar interests is by developing a fan base.

Snoop Dogg, Charlamagne Tha God and Chamillionaire were among the first stars to have signed up for the app, with its content revolving around photos, videos, livestreams and audio chats.We can expect to see very soon the likes of Beyonce’,Cardi B, Taylor Swift, BTS, Rihanna and Justin Beiber as well. At that point the window to purchase stock cheaply will be closed.Formerly a record producer, Isaac Hayes III founded Fanbase to provide a social media platform that creators from all socio-economic backgrounds can use to monetize their content and be paid fairly and equitably...As of today the Atlanta based Fanbase has already seen rapid growth with an average 850% revenue increase monthly. Founded by serial entrepreneur Isaac Hayes III, the platform has attracted high-profile artists and creators to the growing community from multiple genres, including Kandi Burruss, YBN Almighty Jay, Watch Jazzy, Chamillionaire, PJ Morton, Roland Martin, No I.D., and Girvan "Fly" Henry, among others. Fanbase is a photo, video, audio chat, live streaming and long-form content app that lets any user post to followers for free but also earn revenue by posting exclusive content for subscribers and with virtual currency they call "Love." Fanbase has witnessed month over month nonstop growth since 2021.

Top revenue makers average over $2,200 in revenue just by using the app.Fanbase offers a $3.99 monthly subscription to each user you choose to subscribe to for access to their exclusive content. The platform is designed to be a supportive environment for every user. The app also uses "Love" virtual currency. Each "Love" given is equal to half a penny to the user, to show their appreciation for a creator's content. A popular feature of Fanbase is its drop-in audio chat rooms which have cultivated 2.5 million minutes of direct voice conversations across 5,000 rooms in the app in April alone. Also, users average approximately 85 minutes of engagement a day as compared to other platforms that average under 50 minutes a day.

Fanbase doesn’t shadowban, suppress content, or run ads. Giving full reach and visibility to every user. That alone makes it worth a look!


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