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Letting The Sunshine In! The Game of Truth or Consequences?

The New Faces Of The Planet!

Europe 's focus on a Recolonization of Africa while Ignoring the Demographic Implosion caused by fossil fuel use letting the Sun shine on an unprotected Earth! Europeans are near a global watershed - a time when white people will not be in the majority in Europe or the world, is it wisdom to war, when your existence relies on fertile young men?

High UV radiation is generally caused by changes in the stratospheric ozone and global climate change. Decreased stratospheric ozone allows more UV-B radiation and climate change caused by fossil fuels is the catalyst for this decline. Sunburn (i.e. skin reddening; or solar erythema) and tanning are the best-known human health effects of excessive ultraviolet (UV) exposure but many are not aware that this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg if you are born without dark pigmentation Eumelanin!

In fact if you are pheomelanin dominant or white skinned just living in areas with a significant amount of solar radiation lowers your ability to give birth or father children and your lifespan. This is why so many women in the middle East are forced to wear clothing from head to toe! It is common knowledge that even periodic exposure to high doses of UV without Eumelanin causes sunburn and even sun poisoning, in particular in childhood, and is linked to (malignant) melanoma (more serious type of skin cancer, one of the most prevalent causes of death from cancer globally) , especially among those with pheomelanin dominant Eurasian skin types prone to burning.

Prolonged exposure to UV radiation plays a role in the development of cataracts and other eye diseases responsible for a large proportion of visual impairment world-wide. Abnormal skin reactions due to light-sensitivity, such as photodermatoses and phototoxic reactions to drugs can also occur but what is rarely discussed is that sunlight literally makes some populations infertile! In fact even short term duration of The UV-A induced disruption of chromatin structure from Hi UV environments renders the human DNA vulnerable to damage, with resultant DNA fragmentation. Thus, UV- radiation affects the sperm quality, which in turn can lead to infertility.

Due to Climate caused ozone layer depletion, exposure to UV-A Radiation has increased exponentially, which is adversely impacting sperm function particularly in populations without Eumelanin (Black and Brown pigment) and consequently increasing the number of those facing impairment of the nuclear integrity of sperm cells that carry 50% of their genetic information to the next generation and this in turn, may explain the rise in incidence of infertility globally among non Eumelanated populations. Thus, specific awareness programs and precautions are imperative for those who may be increasingly exposed to such radiation in their daily life.

Radiation is not the only threat to fertility in those without Eumelanin as we know that melanin is in every organ of the human body and also helps regulate heat this is effective in protecting fertility as well. Melanin protects the body against damage from high temperatures, chemical stresses (such as heavy metals and oxidizing agents), and biochemical threats (such as host defenses against invading microbes). The ability of melanin to absorb electromagnetic radiation extends into the range of X rays and gamma rays, such that it has a shielding capacity that is approximately half that of lead and twice that of carbon!

This is important because high ambient temperature drastically reduces sperm motility in unprotected males. Testicular tissue heated stress leads to death of cells via mitochondrial pathways (energy metabolism) or DNA damage . Besides, damaged sperm in the vas deferens (long tube made from fiber and muscle tissue. Its purpose is to transport sperm);DNA breaks under the influence of high ambient temperature can lead to male infertility. Therefore, heat stress is a high-risk factor affecting testicular tissue, reducing sperm quality, and increasing the risk of infertility. As levels of DNA fragmentation increase, so do instances of early-term miscarriages.

The 23 year meta-study by the University of Jerusalem showed counts of “good” sperm decreasing by 1 to 2 percent a year. The trend line of these statistics implies that northern European human sperm will approaching zero by roughly 2045. Also, make no mistake: female fertility is being affected too. The study found found significant declines in sperm count of Caucasians in the United States, Europe and Australia, but no such decline in non-"Western" countries. The results of this meta-analysis showed that sperm density for this population had declined globally by about 50% during the second half of the last century.

In a more recent study it was found that even the semen quality among young Chinese men has declined over a period of 15 years, especially in terms of sperm concentration, total sperm count, sperm progressive motility, and normal morphology. About 60 percent of all infertility cases result from male fertility issues — low sperm count, slow sperm motility (movement) and abnormal sperm morphology (size and shape) top the list of the most common male problems. An Asian demographic decline is taking place in China, Japan and South Korea, but not in the melanated South India, Pakistan and Indonesia. In fact the Philippines is seeing a rise in population while Thailand's demographic decline was so significant in the last two years that deaths exceeded births in the country for the first time. Besides the projected depopulation, Thailand's workforce is also forecast to decrease from more than 40 million people at present to approximately10 million people by 2100.

Climate change is increasing UV exposure and affecting how people and ecosystems respond to UV. For Nordic countries, exceptionally long periods of clear skies and recorded dry and warm conditions seem to be the main cause for unusually high UV values increasing the length of Summer and Fall. Such exceptional conditions are part of record-setting heat waves that affected large parts of central and Northern Europe and have been occurring more frequently in recent decades. The underpinning link to climate change inducing Arctic warming and increasing heat waves causing irreversible damage to farming and fishing industries as well.

Across Europe, UV radiation trends have varied significantly throughout the past decades. While an increasing trend in UV radiation has been observed for southern and central Europe since the 1990s, it has decreased at higher latitudes, we were told that it was aerosols (small solid or liquid particles in the air) and cloud coverage affecting these trends then we were told it was our failure to recycle extensively. For nearly a century the blame was placed on the public instead of the oil companies, Coal and natural gas industries while alternative energy options were suppressed! We were told the lies over and over that changes in aerosols were found to be the main driver of the decadal variations in the surface solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface.


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