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How To Keep Your Brain Healthy

Tips for improving brain health and memory.

Aerobic exercise is the number one thing you can do to help pour brain, periodic prolonged fasting is also good for the brain a minimum of 16 hours for two days out of the week. Thirdly is cold therapy like a cold shower will keep your brain sharp. Omega 3 like cod liver oil helps maintain DHA, vegetable oils are bad for the brain. Coconut oil, butter and lard is better than vegetable oils for cooking. Lower glucose amounts by omitting carbs and this helps feed the brain with ketones. Vitamin B1(thiamine) is excellent for the brain will stop neurons from degenerating so cut down on sugar. In meat, liver has the highest amount of thiamine. Whereas three ounces of beef steak gives you 8% of your daily value of thiamine, one serving of beef liver will give you about 14%.B1 stops inflammation of the brain. Probiotics like sauerkraut and pickles help with gut health that promotes the microbiome. Infra red light from the sun penetrates the skull and helps melatonin levels which in turn is great for the brain. Choline from egg yolks and fish helps. Choline has a critical role in neurotransmitter function because of its impact on acetylcholine and dopaminergic function. Studies in animals suggest that CDP-choline supplements increase dopamine receptor densities and can ameliorate memory impairment. Zinc helps the hippocampus.


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