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How Haiti Could Become The Real Wakanda?

Haiti has enough mineral wealth to bring its annual GDP to 100 Billion, and start the Hydrogen fuel cell revolution!

As difficult to work with as it is rare, iridium is found in large quantities in Haiti’s southeast, which has the second largest reserves in the world. This metal is today worth more than gold and Bitcoin. Its resistance to high temperatures and corrosion makes it almost indispensable in the manufacture of aircraft engines and deep water pipelines. Its exploitation could be a lever for the revival of the Haitian economy and the creation of millions of jobs, argues the economics professor, Dr. Henry Vixamar.

Haiti has one of the largest iridium reserves in the world. The country is second in iridium reserves after South Africa, says economics development specialist, Dr. Henry Vixamar. He says that this assessment comes from South African experts following a study carried out in Haiti in 2014. This information and its sources are also known by Haiti’s Bureau of Mines and Energy (BME), emphasizes the professor. The reason that Haitians don’t profit from iridium is that the west wont allow them to. They state that mining and making every Haitian citizen basically worth more than the average American upper middle class businessman would be bad for the environment and that Haiti should allow UN peacekeeping forces to “Guard It for them.

The NY Times writes articles proclaiming mining iridium would be disastrous for them but less than 100 miles away the Dominican Republic gets no interference in mining for gold at The Pueblo Viejo mine which is a gold mine located in the north-central region of the Dominican Republic in the Sánchez Ramírez Province. It is the largest gold mine in Latin America and fifth largest in the world. Why are Haiti's leaders allowing foreigners to control their politics and maintain their poverty is anybody’s guess? Haiti’s gold silver and copper is worth about 20 billion dollars a year when you add iridium mining to that the profit from the mining sector would be 80 billion dollars annually.

If Haiti had been accepted to the African Union when it requested that it could have partnered to set up infrastructure to mine that wealth and created an economic boom to the country for centuries! vIn 2016 the African Union Commission announced, "According to Article 29.1 of the AU's Constitutive Act, only African States can join the African Union." Therefore, "Haiti will not be admitted as a Member State of the African Union."Even though ALL of Haiti's citizens can trace their lineage directly to the African slave trade they were denied. But the most powerful passports in Africa, Kenya,Tanzania, Ivory coast, including South Africa, Ghana, and Mauritius. These countries could offer Haiti dual citizenship programs with a few conditions which can generally be met easily: that partnership could bring Haiti into the 21st century and open up widespread global development opportunities for all involved nations!

Haiti’s iridium reserves are located in its Southeast Department. Besides the village of Beloc, where iridium was discovered in early 1990 by Alan K. Hildebrand, a graduate student at the University of Arizona, Dr. Vixamar argues that the noble metal also exists in the town of Bainet.

To put it simply each 3 ton truckload of iridium is worth almost 84 million dollars !iridium is used in particular in the manufacture of high-strength alloys that can withstand high temperatures. Very often it is included in platinum alloys as a hardening agent. One of the world’s largest refiners of platinum group metals, Heraeus Precious Metals, profits because iridium is also used in the manufacture of 5G smartphones, and high-end products requiring the use of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) Iridium is also effective in ensuring the disinfection of water carried by ships in their ballast tanks and also in the field of energy, in particular for the manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel cells (HFCs) produce no harmful emissions, eliminating the costs associated with handling and storing toxic materials like battery acid or diesel fuel. In fact, when fueled with pure hydrogen, the only by-products are heat and water, making automobiles airplanes and ships a zero-emission, sustainable power source. Which could end global warming and make the price of iridium soar even higher as the demand for hydrogen powered vehicles soars.

Hydrogen is found almost everywhere in the universe. It occurs between and within stars, and in the enormous gas and dust clouds that exist throughout interstellar space. Scientists have known since the 1970s that bonds between hydrogen atoms form on the very cold surface of interstellar dust grains. Luckily water (H2O) contains hydrogen and we can use water to produce hydrogen gas (H2). Splitting water molecules into oxygen gas and hydrogen gas using electricity is called “electrolysis”. Through electrolysis, we convert electrical energy into a storable fuel namely hydrogen gas.

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