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Honduras: Mangrove Loss Threatens Coastal Shoreline!

Black Coral Inc Initiates a Mangrove shoreline cleanup on the Island of Roatan!

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Cleaning mangrove areas along the shoreline can help restore the natural beauty of the mangroves, promote a healthier environment for wildlife, and maintain the ecological balance. It can also help with the conservation and sustainable management of these valuable ecosystems.

After a series of storms the hazards of pollution that threaten mangrove growth also threatens the survival of the beach!

Over the past few months, Roatan Marine Park's surveillance activities have uncovered seven instances of mangrove destruction and unpermitted dock expansion. These activities represent a significant threat to reef ecosystems, given that the destruction of mangrove forests reduces runoff retention from terrestrial origin. This increases the sedimentation on the coral reefs around the island, which has a direct negative impact on said ecosystems. When the mangrove cover disappears, essential ecosystem retention and purification services and functions are lost that allow and favor optimal conditions for the reef. After discovering the illegal activity, RMP notified Honduran environmental organizations, including the National Institute of Forest Conservation, Protected Areas and Wildlife (ICF), Secretary of Natural Resources (SERNA), and the Environmental Departments of the Municipalities of Roatan and Santos Guardiola, who then inspected the sites.

A spot to get some shade beneath the mangrove and banana trees!

Upon confirming the illegal activities, reports on environmental impacts are generated, and fines, requirements, withdrawals of operating permits, and suspension of environmental licenses are applied, depending on the type, degree, or level of damage to conservation objects.

black coral members ask locals at health center how they feel about the recent loss of some beachfront! Photo by H Ebanks

In general, Roatan is a safe island, however, theft can be an issue, as it is in many tourist areas. All parts of the island are safer than any major city in the USA, however, A trip to the Garifuna or Indigenous original Islanders is a must to get the most out of the visit so safe. Don't be fooled by greedy merchants who want you to buy inflated touristy junk from China instead of reasonably priced works of local artists and artisans.

This is some of the trash taken from the ocean floor and shoreline!


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