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Haley House, Sabrina's Garden, & Thornton St. Farm in Boston Support Food with Purpose and Community!

Haley House, Sabrina's Garden and Thornton Street Farm show Boston Communities how Urban Farms can Feed the Homeless!

A gardening tool kit provided by Black Coral Inc .org and Partners from Sabrina's Garden supports those who enroll in our urban gardening workshops for more info contact or

Haley House uses food with purpose and the power of community to break down barriers between people, empower individuals, and strengthen neighborhoods. They believe in focusing on solutions and solving problems at their root by challenging attitudes, policies and information access that perpetuates suffering and building of alternative models.

Founded as a “house of hospitality” in 1966, Haley House has grown into a multifaceted organization deeply rooted in Boston's South End and Roxbury not far from Black Coral Incs Fenway office. Today their work falls into 5 interconnected categories: direct services (soup kitchen, food pantry), permanent affordable housing (110+ units in scattered South End sites), urban agriculture (Mel King School Garden school plot in the South End, an Thornton St. urban farm in Roxbury), education and training (Take Back the Kitchen cooking classes for youth and Life Foundations Training (LiFT) for returning citizens), and a social enterprise restaurant (Haley House Bakery Café, that utilized fresh produce and honey from Boston's urban farms operations temporarily suspended January 2022 pending construction).

Sabrina Pilet -Jones (in green tee) of Sabrina's Garden educates with her Micro Urban Flower Farm that Incorporates Wild Natives, Medicinal and aromatic herbs, and foraged goods for the benefit of the Boston community!

For a list of community gardens and Urban Farms in Boston use this link! Community Garden and Urban Farm Directory |

Sabrina is a local urban farmer, Florist, Educator, and Creative mind, she appreciates nature and connects humans back to its wonder. Part of the mission of Sabrina's Garden is to express the marriage between Growing plants and Growing the relationship to our spirit. Sabrina's garden offers seasonal workshops, services, and products that inspire one to embark on their relationship with mother earth to bring balance and wellness into their lives.

Black Coral Inc. showing community support Ludmila G. Pam G. and Lynda B. at Board Meeting held at Dorchester YMCA


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