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Government Approves Lab Grown Meat For Sale To US Citizens!

URBAN LEGENDS ABOUT WHY YOU SHOULD: Avoid Cloned Immortalized Meat Restaurants and Stores that sell it!

Well there is one thing you're absolutely missing the Urban Legends about this meat. URBAN LEGEND #1 The first person that came out and talked about this meat. I don't know if you've ever heard anything about the meat that's already sold in the market's called beyond meat. About a month to 2 months after people are consuming beyond meat all of them without fail are coming out being extremely sick with cancerous tumor cells.

URBAN LEGEND #2 From a lady that died in the '50s. Bill Gates his father was also a eugenicist. And they're always very interested in people that are dying from crazy different diseases. Well this man got a hold of this woman's cancerous cells and kept vials of them. And he is reproducing them and cloning them (Bill Gates knows how to do that). So this cell meat idea also came from the infamous Bill Gates We know this man does not have our best interest at heart and he could care less about the slaughter of animals In fact he could care less about any of God's children. Although he's one himself. And to the people he works with we are considered useless feeders and hackable animals.

URBAN LEGEND#3 Big pharma is lobbying for this cloned meat and the vaccine companies don't give a crap about us either so the vaccine program for your babies you better look into it because even after the first shot your baby body is in aluminum toxicity. And with every vaccine you give them at 2 months 4 months etc. It's every child by the time they are two. They're filling them full of heavy metals and aluminum amongst other toxins. So this food is not just through a cell of meat. They got the immortal cells created from Henrietta lacks cancerous tumor cells. So you better quit trying it you better quit eating it because it's not going to be long and you're going to be getting sick and there's no cure for it. They actually do have the cure for cancer but they're withholding it because the big pharma makes more money with you being sick.

URBAN LEGEND #4 They also have a docu-series on vaccines on rumble. It's called remedy. According to the docu-series Cancer is a parasite and actually gets cured through dog dewormer. I can't pronounce it so I'm not even going to try. The name of it but actually that's dog dewormer. They're really talking about cancer people are getting cured with this man's cure They say you get better care from your veterinarian when you have cancer and other diseases that we're getting through vaccines through our food like cloned meat in which the infamous "They" billionaire cabal taking over the food industry is putting glyco-phosphate on our food their spraying it like Roundup all kinds of crap.

URBAN LEGEND #5 There's parasites in our water go watch the documentary called controlled by parasites. And you could buy the book Parasites Inside Me. These people hate BIPOC communities and hide the causes of many illnesses to avoid lawsuits against municipalities and as whites move into these areas and they start gentrifying the first thing the city does is change the pipes in the water so no one finds out when white people start to get lupus its the water behind it, that mainly affects black and brown communities! So essentially they are allowing bacteria that causes lupus to infect urban poor water supplies but l if 2020 didn't wake you up about how "they're" always on a depopulation kick through diseases which "they're" crazy doctors make what can we tell you? Except don't eat this meat and don't eat beyond meat either It's full of tumorous cancer cells and you're going to die in a horrible way. I hate to be so cold and abrupt but these people don't care about us according to the Urban legends.

URBAN LEGEND#6 Noah Harare calls us hackable animals and that's what they're getting ready to do If you had a PCR test. You're already chipped from COVID tests. And another thing about COVID you can't catch it from person to person Do you know they've never been able to capture COVID you know they capture smallpox and actual sicknesses they but they've never been able to capture COVID. Covid is let out through payloads out of our 5G towers. It's got a bunch of pipes underneath the brains and they fill them and they let them loose once in awhile and then a bunch of people get sick and and they do it whenever they want. And supposedly COVID is coming back but deadlier this time. Sooo... Don't eat this meat. And don't eat beyond me either. Same stuff.

URBAN LEGEND #7 Haven't they been griping about cows for all these years? They want to kill them off saying cow farts created climate change and not big oil! They can make huge profits with cloned meat if they take out all the cows on the earth corporations don't own. And all of a sudden you think they care about them. I really wish people would start connecting the dots. It's called geoengineering. And it's called climate change They could cause any natural disaster known to man with their technology and chemicals that they spray in the air that we're breathing by the chemtrails and contrails are two different things contrails is what the plane leaves when it's flying passengers chemtrails is a plane that has pipes all the way down the both sides of the wings. And they you could tell that they're not natural formation clouds. And depending on the chemical is depending on what you'll get and they're trying to make it extremely hot and they're accomplishing it trying to make you believe that it's not weather warfare but cows and the flatulence methane which is causing climate change so now they want to protect the cows and not slaughter them to keep the numbers low so only governments can have cattle. Wake up people please wake up so we can take down these people.

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