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Genesis Of An Eco Hero!

Genesis Butler and The Hero Project...

Thirteen-year-old vegan activist Genesis Butler recently became a Marvel superhero in an episode of the Disney+ series Marvel Hero Project. The show features young, real-life heroes who make a difference in their communities. Butler was featured because of her work teaching others about animals and inspiring them to go vegan. In addition to running her own nonprofit organization, Genesis for Animals, she also advocates access to plant-based meals in hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons; putting a stop to animal testing; and banning the dissection of animals in classrooms. Butler was chosen as one of 20 participating kids, and she was given a personalized vegan leather jacket and the first copy of a comic starring herself as the superhero. Marvel also donated $10,000 in Butler’s name to animal welfare organization International Fund for Animal Welfare. “I think it is really cool to be a superhero,” Butler told VegNews. “My favorite part is that other kids will see me speaking up for the animals and be encouraged to do the same and be a hero for the animals, too.”

10-year old animal rights activist Genesis Butler explores the correlation between the environment and animal consumption. Through unsettling facts and humor, Genesis provides insight on how a simple choice can mean the difference between destroying or saving our planet. Genesis Butler is an environmental and animal rights activist and one of the youngest people to ever give a TEDx talk. Inspired by her great uncle civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, Genesis’ talk "A 10 Year Old's Vision for Healing the Planet" discusses the negative impact of animal agriculture on the environment.

She went vegan at the age of 6 and has earned numerous awards and recognitions for her activism, in addition to being featured on an episode of Marvel’s Hero Project by Disney+. Genesis is currently leading the Youth Climate Save movement, the first youth-led environmental organization that focuses on animal agriculture’s impact on climate change and aims to give all young voices a platform. Genesis has earned numerous awards for her activism including Animal Hero Kids' Sir Paul McCartney Young Veg Advocate award, Vegan Kid of the Year award from Vegans Are Cool, PETA's Youth Activist of the Year, and the Lisa Shapiro Youth Activist award.


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