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Gen Z Mobilizing to Save The Planet!

Gen Z is anxious about climate change and taking commensurate action.

Government and business are being forced by Gen Z to achieve net zero.

Gen Z is informing and asking older generations to change its harmful ecological habits.

Young climate activists in the United States have not yet had the same impact of their counterparts in Europe, where Greta Thunberg has galvanized a generation. According to the World Economic forum Millennials and Gen Z, have experienced a lifetime’s worth of upheaval – pandemic, political unrest and social change – in just the last few years. But because Gen Z is so young, comprising people born between 1997 and 2012, the tumult has shaped their lives disproportionately.

For them, this is the era of anxiety. The phones and computers that provide a constant stream of social posts and news also leave them more anxious and aware of social issues than previous generations were at their age. The vast majority of these young adults, including 93% in the United States and 84% in the United Kingdom, say addressing climate change is critical for the future of the planet. Although mainstream news refuses to report it. Gen Z are at the forefront of responsible spending to support climate sustaining culture. They are more likely to purchase used garments than other generations. More than 70% say they purchase some second-hand clothing, while the majority of those older than 25 purchase only new clothing.

"Gen Z is the most tech-savvy generation in history (for now, anyway). Most of these digital natives received their first smartphone around age 12. Providing more innovative and creative opportunities to tap their tech skills in pursuit of climate goals could encourage them to lower their emissions. Gen Z is already more likely than other age groups to use “smart devices” such as smart power strips or outlet timers to automate energy use." United Nations Climate Change Conference (Ana Kreacic C.O.O. of the Oliver Wyman Forum and Chief Knowledge Officer, Oliver Wyman)


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