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First World Countries Causing Their Own Demographic Petro-Decline!

The Truth Is Out Change To Sustainable Green Lifestyles and Power Or Disappear! Big Oil Is On its Death Bed and Only the Average Joe Is Clueless!

The levelling off of US petroleum consumption was largely unanticipated. In 2003, the US Energy Information Administration, which provides some of the most influential and well-regarded analysis in the field, projected that consumption would steadily grow at an average annual rate of 1.8% over the subsequent two decades. Consumption in 2025 was projected to be 47% higher than its 2003 level. The actual path that consumption has taken, however, diverges dramatically from this projection (Figure 2). Consumption in 2014 was actually slightly below 2003 consumption, and about 25% below the projections for 2014 that were made in 2003. We refer to this as the 2014 consumption surprise.

Moreover, the difference between the actual and projected consumption in 2014 – 6.4 million barrels per day – is almost double the unexpected production increase over the same period (3.4 million barrels per day). The surprise consumption reduction frees up roughly $150 billion (2014 dollars) for spending on non-petroleum goods and services. There is even greater divergence in longer-term projections – the most recent projection for 2025 is 34% lower than the projection made in 2003. Only Sub Saharan Africa is seen as the future for the growth potential of Big oil ironically it will also hold the future of the demographic decline from climate change!

For decades, the fossil fuel industry has misled the public about the climate impacts of its products. Internal documents prove companies like Exxon knew since the 1970s that burning oil and gas drives catastrophic global warming. In the early 2000's it became apparent that climate was a big driver for global population decline. Yet rather than warn society, they denied the science and obstructed climate action at every turn.

This corporate deception continues today, but the public is catching on in a big way. New polling from Data for Progress reveals 80% of Americans support making Big Oil pay for the climate damages their products have caused. With climate disasters growing in frequency and severity, people are fed up footing the bill for Big Oil's greed. The vast majority of citizens (81 percent) across partisanship support the development of new energy transmission lines.


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