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Dr Sebi Controversy! Cures They Hide and Imprison People For!


1.PHYTONUTRIENTS (Soursop Leaves, Guanabana,) Depression Anxiety, Calming Nervous System, Immunity Boost, Blood Sugar regulation support Cancer healing support, and Tinnitus.

2.GINGEROL Helps stomach issues, antioxidant, prevents overpopulation free radicals, gives migraine relief in 2 hours!

3. SEA MOSS Thyroid support, antioxidant

4. NONI FRUIT Potassium level support, cell repair, immune support

5. BURDOCK ROOT Used to remove toxins from the blood, anti inflammatory, bowel support, lowers cholesterol' used as food.

6. STINGING NETTLES Pain relief, prostate support for men, anti inflammatory, relieves cramping and menstrual flow reduction,

7. HONEY soothes sore throat, eases sinus pressure.

8. AVOCADO Good Fats and immune support,

9. NON-GMO Foods that are not genetically modified.

10. NATURAL Currently, “natural” is very loosely defined to mean “nothing artificial or synthetic (including all color additives regardless of source) has been included in, or has been added to, a

food that would not normally be expected to be in that food.”

Sebi's various legal troubles, particularly those surrounding his claim about curing AIDS. In 1987, he was charged by the New York attorney general after placing advertisements in newspapers claiming that he cured AIDS and other diseases. he brought 50 patients he had cured in to the court to support his treatments.

As many of his supporters have pointed out -- including the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, whose death was theorized by many social media users to be related to his research about Sebi -- Sebi was found not guilty on the two counts of practicing medicine without a license because he never claimed to be a medical doctor or gave medications he only advised on lifestyle and nutrition suggestions that had the benefit of curing or preventing disease. Essentially the verdict was reached because the jury was not convinced that Sebi provided any medical diagnoses to patients and consequently, was not practicing medicine. Therefore, the officials and media did not have to address whether he actually cured AIDS.

To punish Sebi for this win, New York attorney general's office sued Sebi, his associates and his businesses because the parties made therapeutic claims about their products. The attorney general's office entered into a consent agreement with Sebi and the other named parties that ordered that they could no longer make therapeutic claims about their products, such as the proclamation that the products could "cure" AIDS even if it did.

Sebi died in 2016 at age 82 while in custody in his home country, Honduras, for allegedly money laundering he brought money in to fund a clinic and the authorities were notified by someone in the US when he would arrive authorities took him into custody stated they were unable to contact any of his legal support and the next morning he was dead. Many speculate that he was killed for broadcasting his "cures," but his death has officially been attributed to pneumonia. Lisa Left Eye Lopez was a client of Sebi's who died in an accident after promoting his work, Nipsey Hussle was involved in making a documentary on Sebi when he was murdered for an unknown reason. Now mainstream medicine has no recourse but to support his findings that many in the public eye embraced despite their disinformation campaigns.


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