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Project 2025: EPA Loss Will Make Americas Water Supply Vulnerable to Pandemic 2.0

Project 2025 mentioned multiple times by Taraji P Henson and its role in the conservative movement’s plans to unravel civil rights, Free Speech, Environmental Protection protections and make illegal acts committed by the President unpunishable.received ample attention at 2024 BET Awards.

Project 2025 is a plan by the EPA to eliminate the stand-alone Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights and establish a significant emissions rate (SER) for greenhouse gases (GHGs). The proposed FY 2025 budget for the EPA provides $10.994 billion and 17,145 FTE to support the Agency’s mission of protecting human health and the environment as well as corporate fiscal interests which heretofore had been impeded by the EPA.

There are no clearly defined benefits to the plan just a reiteration of the description of the mission. The declared benefits of Project 2025 and the new version of the EPA’s proposed budget include enhanced environmental protection, streamlined operations by firing a significant portion of the agency, and a focus on addressing environmental justice concerns through bureaucracy rather than direct implementation of controls and fines. By allocating resources effectively by cutting the budget, the EPA replacement aims to safeguard human health and the environment while promoting sustainability. If you have any specific questions or need further details, feel free to ask!

Project 2025’s impact on climate change efforts will be multifaceted. While it doesn’t directly address climate change, it contributes indirectly by focusing on environmental justice and emissions reduction. Environmental Justice: By integrating environmental justice considerations, Project 2025 aims to address disparities in environmental impacts. Communities disproportionately affected by pollution and climate change will receive more attention and resources.

Project 2025 is primarily about organizational changes and seemingly arbitrary resource allocation, but its ripple effects can possibly positively influence climate action. The Project would dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental agencies, undermine public health standards, destroy environmental protections, and stop the critical transition to clean energy and transportation it would also speed up the demographic decline of white middle class America as the effects of climate change are most deadly to seniors (of which the majority in the USA are Caucasian) and children under five without natural protections like Eumelanin to mitigate extreme heat. the fossil fuel industry will be allowed under the plan to roll back environmental regulations in exchange for $1 billion.

According to the Chicago Sun Times Project 2025 will turn over ecologically fragile public lands to oil, fracking, and natural gas drilling and reduce or end funding and tax incentives for wind and solar energy, energy-efficient buildings, and electric vehicles. Michael Mann, the Presidential Distinguished Professor of Earth & Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania, recently said that the Project 2025 policy agenda would mean “game over for climate progress in the US, turning the reins of government over to the polluters.”

The opening essay of the plan, written by Heritage Project President Kevin D. Roberts, succinctly summarizes the goal of Project 2025: a promise to make America a conservative nation. To do so, the next administration should focus on four “broad fronts that will decide America’s future.”

Those four fronts include:

Restore the (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) family as the centerpiece of American life and protect our children from historical truth and influences of other diverse cultures, religions and literature. Dismantle the administrative state and return self-governance to the American people that agree with conservative values and directives dictated to them.

Defend our nation’s sovereignty, borders, and bounty against global threats by vilification of migrants and allowing corporate entities to exploit them until they have served their purpose. Secure our God-given individual rights to live freely—what our Constitution calls “the Blessings of Liberty.”

Against a backdrop of record-breaking heat and floods this year, the $22 million endeavor, Project 2025, was convened by the notorious rightwing, climate-denying think tank the Heritage Foundation, which has ties to fossil fuel billionaire Charles Koch. The goal is evident, to maintain oil profits by any means necessary despite whatever calamity may befall the nation. Another chapter focuses on gutting the Environmental Protection Agency and moving it away from its focus on the climate crisis. It proposes cutting the agency’s environmental justice and public engagement functions, while shrinking it as a whole by terminating new hires in “low-value programs,” E&E News reported. The proposal was written Mandy Gunasekara, who was the former chief of staff at the EPA. This no doubt will enable skin cancer cases to continue doubling year after year.

the relationship between population size and climate change is neither linear nor straightforward.

There is a mismatch in population growth rates and levels of emissions across countries.

The main emitters, historic and current - the US, China, and the EU - are regions where the population has already stopped growing or is growing at a slow pace.


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