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Combustion Engine Car Prices Drop By 50% As World Transitions To EV's

IC Engine vehicle value is going down and down as electric cars become better and cheaper. Eventually they will become curiosities and collector items and then their value might go up, but not for a long time. By then it’s likely the car computers and all the rubber parts will be hard to find so cars will be quite scarce.As an example of how quickly transport can change, look at NYC 1905 and 1925 traffic. In 1905 virtually everything is man or horse pulled. In 1925 there are no horses just cars and buses.

2030 is not that far in the future. However, the benefits of EV vehicles over ICE are massive and the cost differential continues to plummet. It would be shocking if we had not moved to some 90% of new cars, light trucks and motorcycles being EV powered. Probably the remainder will be diesels for compatibility with heavy trucks.


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