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Climate Extremes Batter Middle East, New Plan?: Green Neo Colonialism!

Arab nations strategizing their climate survival looking toward Sub Saharans to save them through exploitation and trickery!

Can Mother Africa Save The People of the Middle East?

Middle East Nations are getting desperate to find answers to their climate change woes. Even though global warming is making sustaining life in the middle East the way it was in the past the reliance these countries have on oil makes this an impossibility. The many governments who have looked down on so-called "sub-Saharan" black skinned Africans entering their countries to find a better life even standing by while these people were murdered and enslaved are facing an existential crisis of their own making!

The UAE is situated in a region extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, such as warmer weather, less precipitation, droughts, higher sea levels and increased frequency of dust and sand storms. Climate Action Tracker online reports that; " The UAE's new nationally determined conditions (NDC) of the Paris Agreement sets a target of reducing emissions to 206 MtCO2e by 2030 (excluding land use, land use change and forestry), a 4% decrease below its previous target issued in 2022 and 18% below current emission levels. Will this work? Not at all!

To put is simply, for “each degree of global warming, the corresponding increase in regional temperatures is significantly more pronounced for the Middle East, which has already warmed at a rate 50 per cent higher than other landmasses in the Northern Hemisphere”. Under extreme scenarios the Middle East is expected to experience warming of more than 5°C, scientists believe.

"Climate change doesn't only challenge our environment, it affects every facet of our lives: our health, food, water, as well as our economy,” said Princess Mashael AlShalan from Aeon Collective, AEON Collective produces, curates and disseminates fact-based & culturally informed knowledge to Arab nations specifically Saudi Arabia around sustainability, actively building capacities for dynamic “knowledge communities” through diverse initiatives. The problem iswithout oil sales they have no significant funding sources!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates has proposed to the The Liberian government that they work in collaboration with Dubai Carbon, that after purchasing land from Liberia will generate emission reductions equivalent to 500,000 acres of forestry through a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) meaning they will get money from oil companies to buy the land who will then claim they have reduced carbon emissions by saving a specific amount of trees located in Liberia this is something the Liberian government could do on its own easily in fact any American citizen could do the same if they owned a significant amount of forest land. The project aims to minimize the impact of Liberia’s deforestation, and set standards for the future of green economy in West Africa.

A high level Liberian delegation consisting of the Minister of Justice Cllr. Frank Musah Dean Jr., the Deputy Minister of Economic Management Augustus J. Flomo, and Managing Director of the Forestry Development Authority Hon. C. Mike Doryen met with Dubai Carbon, a semi government agency set up to enable the transition of Dubai to a sustainable and green economy, to discuss Liberia’s transition to a diverse green economy and how the country can emulate Dubai’s experience in this transition. Yet detractors say they have seen this before and it is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt at colonization because West Africa because of its underground water and high level coastlines is easily a lifeboat in midst of the negative potentials of climate change!

United Arab Emirate's area is approximately 83,600 km2 (32,278 sq mi), while the area of Liberia is approximately 96,320 km2 (37,189 sq mi) roughly the size of Tennessee. This means Liberia is 15.22% larger than United Arab Emirates. 500,000 acres is approximately 2025 square kilometers!

According to Democracy Now, "The United Arab Emirates is using its vast oil money to buy up the rights to land in many African countries in order to sell carbon credits to major polluters, a plan that critics characterize as a new form of colonialism. “After failing to mitigate at the source,” wealthy polluters now “want to, basically, buy, on the cheap, African land,” says Power Shift Africa’s Mohamed Adow about wealthy nations’ failure to deliver on climate finance and turn to a “land grab” on the African continent. “What they’re doing is actually commodifying nature,” says Adow, who describes carbon credits as an “imaginary concept” amounting to “permits to pollute." Africa is the worlds lifeboat the only problem is the people who want to get on the lifeboat don't want Black African people on it!

Climate change is creating what is being called the new “scramble for Africa.” In June, Kuwait recorded a temperature of 53.2 degrees Celsius (127.76 degrees Fahrenheit), while Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia all recorded over 50 degrees (122 degrees). A month later, temperatures in Iraq spiked to 51.5 degrees (124.7 degrees), and Iran recorded a close 51 degrees (123.8 degrees).The Earth itself is on track to hit 3C of warming by 2050, scientists predict at that point the world will have passed several catastrophic points of no return, from the runaway melting of ice sheets to the Amazon rainforest drying out. "Present trends are racing our planet down a dead-end 3C temperature rise," said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. And no one is doing enough to stop it there is no need to worry about overpopulation and no place that is safe if we continue with little action or inaction. Every nations money will be worthless!

Worst of all, this is just the start of a trend. The Middle East is warming at twice the global average and by 2050 will be 4 degrees Celsius warmer as compared with the 1.5 degree mark that scientists have prescribed to save humanity. The World Bank says extreme climatic conditions will become routine and the region could face four months of scorching sun every year. According to Germany’s Max Planck Institute, many cities in the Middle East may literally become uninhabitable before the end of the century. And the region, ravaged by war and mired in sectarianism, may be singularly ill-prepared to face the challenges that threaten its collective existence.

Now these same people nations many of whom are extremely racist, who don't want Nigerians, South Africans ,Ethiopians etc. in their nations are on the verge of national panic because realistically by 2050 there will be a mass migration from the middle East and the smartest people have already left! Greenhouse gas emissions have more than tripled in the region over the last three decades and caused concern among experts that a steep rise in temperatures on the one hand and lack of basic services on the other are making the region a more desperate and increasingly dangerous place. The Middle East and North Africa is the world's most water-scarce region. This region is home to 15 out of the 20 of the world's most water-scarce countries. Due to population growth, unsustainable water management, rapid economic growth, and ongoing conflicts, water scarcity in the region is likely to worsen. West Africa is like a ripe fruit for them to take water the most essential item for life!

The volume of groundwater that's held in South and West African aquifers is estimated to be 0.66 million km³. This is more than 100 times the annual renewable freshwater resources stored in dams and rivers, and 20 times the freshwater stored in all of Africa's lakes. The irony on natures terms Africa's poorest nations are actually the most resource rich and when they wake up to this fact the world power structure will change for good.


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