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If Climate Change Causes Fewer Fertile Male Births, Will Armies Use Drones In Future?

Problem Seems Specific To Europeans and Some Asian Male Populations!

While drones undoubtedly have software that enables them to more precisely hit a target, most are still “piloted” (remotely) by a human. So you can conclude that drones are also not likely to replace all human soldiers anytime in the next decade, but that battlefield technology is in existence (already is in use in some situations) augmenting human soldiers whose ability to give birth may become more valuable to an aging population than their fighting acumen.

In 2002, biologist Dr. Tyrone Hayes conducted a series of experiments that revealed that the most common herbicide, Atrazine, “feminized” male frogs at concentrations below that allowed in drinking water in the United States.1 He hypothesized that Atrazine works as an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC), converting testosterone to estrogen in frogs. Hayes’s research ignited an ongoing political controversy over whether Atrazine causes hermaphroditism in amphibians, humans, and other species.

Although the manufacturer of Atrazine, Syngenta, argues that the pesticide is safe, Hayes and other scientists have increasingly demonstrated a link between Atrazine and threats to public health and the environment. Ironically because climate change will promote higher soil temperatures, the absorption of atrazine and hormones in a future climate scenario could be decreased. Higher temperatures might accelerate microbial degradation of pesticides at the surface soil and subsoil the caveat would be that higher temperatures would stilladversely affect births in populations that are melanin recessive.(Caracciolo et al., 2001; Kookana et al., 2010).

Climate change disproportionately affects members of disadvantaged communities and groups who face socioeconomic inequalities, including many BIPOC communities. As the United States becomes more racially and ethnically diverse, promoting public engagement with climate change across diverse audiences is becoming increasingly important.

Until recently prior research has shown that people of color in the U.S., including Hispanics/Latinos, African Americans, and other non-White racial/ethnic groups, were more concerned than Whites about climate change. Hispanics/Latinos, in particular, tended to be the most concerned. That has drastically changed since the pandemic when it was revealed that global numbers of Caucasians are and have been falling drastically for over 20 years!

White genocide is a political myth based on pseudoscience, pseudohistory, and ethnic hatred, and is driven by a psychological panic often termed "white extinction anxiety". Objectively, White people are not dying out or facing extermination. The purpose of the conspiracy theory is to justify a commitment to a white nationalist agenda that proposes to oppress BIPOC communities embrace xenophobia and stop immigration of non whites that would compete for resources believed wrongly to be in short supply. This belief is promoted online to vulnerable communities and individuals likely to be in support of calls to violence.

"It’s well documented that increased heat and climatic instability leads to increased rates of violence. That means within households, between strangers, from the state (often police) against civilians, and even between states. Now, imagine that playing out in a world like ours, where conflicting media ecosystems have turned into fractured realities that have turned into a sort of choose-your-own hellscape that has turned our society into fighting factions without clear sides. Add climate change on top of that, and you’ve got a recipe for catastrophe—and it wasn’t denial that got us here..." Says Climatologist Mary Annaise Hegler.

Climate denial has been going out of vogue on the right for years now, giving way to the more “rational” climate delay or dismissal. Under this school of thought, right-wing pundits admitted that if climate change were real, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Let’s take Ben Shapiro, for example, who is famous for his stance that even if the seas rise, people will just sell their houses and move. Now, if you take this argument in good faith, it’s incredibly stupid—but it’s Ben Shapiro, so it’s inherently bad faith.

Climate delay, much like climate denial, was always a ruse. Shapiro is not stupid; he’s evil. He knows good and well everybody can’t move when the water comes—he just doesn’t care about the folks who don’t have the resources to move. Their lives do not matter to him regardless of their color the poor are a tool to keep power in the hands of a select few who usually are the ones who profit the most from delaying progressive change that could save the bulk of humanity from the ravages of a changed climate. Add to that the fact that high temperatures due to climate change cause more male births than female that's not the least of the problems. Increasingly high temperatures can harm fertility and birth rates as we are seeing now in real time globally. According to research by UCLA environmental economist Alan Barreca, sperm production falls in hot weather and this leads to even greater overall lower birth rates, which of course would be mostly males, with each generation having a lower sperm count.


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