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Western nations too greedy to see the plan refuse to embrace the Green New Deal!

What killed the Green New Deal?

High gas prices. One of the necessary ingredients for the Green New Deal was high gasoline prices. We need those high prices to push millions of reluctant Americans to embrace electric vehicles.

Actually, we need high prices on all fossil fuels to make taxpayer-subsidized electric vehicles popular. But the oil companies did a study and realized as long as gas was sold under $8 dollars a gallon they could continue business as usual. The Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has now done as much as high gasoline prices to undermine our Green New Deal agenda, maybe more. In December 2021, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert signed an amicus brief in support of West Virginia arguing that the EPA had gone beyond its statutory authority and infringed on Congress’ exclusive legislative power.

An independent economic analysis found that the so-called “Clean Power Plan” would have killed 226,000 jobs annually and cost the U.S. economy $50 billion each year. In February of 2016, the Supreme Court issued an order on a 5-4 vote that blocked Obama’s so-called “Clean Power Plan” from taking effect. The Trump administration agreed that Obama’s job-killing mandates exceeded the EPA’s regulatory authority, so they repealed it and replaced it with the less extreme Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule. However, several blue states sued and won in the U.S. appeals court in Washington which vacated the repeal of the Clean Power Plan as well as the ACE Rule.

What Congress and the Supreme Court neglected to mention is by not embracing the Green New deal the cost to the nation would be in excess of 100 billion each year from the negative impacts of climate change. Extreme weather, fueled by climate change, cost the U.S. $165 billion in 2022 The U.S. suffered 18 separate billion-dollar disasters in 2022, highlighting the growing cost of climate change. The cost is only expected to get higher each coming year without the Green New deal it is also estimated that 72 million jobs would have been created over the three decades with just a simple $25 carbon tax that major billion dollar corporate polluters would have been forced to pay to clean up their mess. Green jobs would have expanded across more sectors than just energy, including zero-emission vehicles and charging infrastructure, building retrofits, agriculture, forestry, and also care work including health care workers and teachers to the tune of an additional 30 million US jobs and we still haven't taken into account battery technology and transition into electric vehicles!. Instead we get to breathe and drink the poisons in our water and deal with the extreme weather on our own.

In the court’s opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, “Capping carbon dioxide emissions at a level that will force a nationwide transition away from the use of coal to generate electricity may be a sensible ‘solution to the crisis of the day.’ But it is not plausible that Congress gave EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] the authority to adopt on its own such a regulatory scheme...”

How dare they expect corporations to be responsible and pay for what they destroy next we will be expecting people not to litter or pay a fine for dumping their trash in public spaces or regulate their auto emissions or not put chemicals in our get the picture. Where Clean Energy Metals are Produced. China produces 60% of all rare earth elements used as components in high technology devices, including smartphones and computers. The country also has a 13% share of the lithium production market, which is still dominated by Australia (52%) and Chile (22%).The US could have had a piece of that revenue but our former President insulted the African nations that are now looking at doing more deals with China instead of the disrespectful and racist West who think they come from "S -Hole countries!"


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