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Canada's Fires Caused by Climate Change!

As higher temperatures and UV radiation dry acres of forests. wildfires persist across the globe!

People are starting to understand the ramifications of climate change for every part of our lives from oceans to birth rates. Climatic changes that we are currently experiencing is spurring shifts in fertility by decreasing ability of some populations without adequate natural protection from high UV from bearing children and lowering infant's health and survival, which may populations of women who maintain their fertility (those with eumelanin especially) to have additional children in anticipation of increased mortality risks (“insurance effects”) or in response to an actual child death (“replacement effects”).Fossil fuel dystopia directly has caused increases in global surface temperature, affecting agricultural and non-agricultural sectors differently. Near the equator, where many agricultural dominant countries are located, climate change has a larger negative effect on traditional foods agriculture and these nations will switch to products or crops that are able to grow well in warmer seasons such as millet, yams, and hemp. The resulting scarcity in agricultural goods to countries that rely on imports for their food base such as Europe and the Americas acts as a force towards higher agricultural prices and wages, leading to a labor reallocation into these sectors back to agriculture.

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