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Canada On Fire 25 million More Acres Will Burn And No End In Sight This Year!

The Worse Fire Season In Canadian History Has Already Burned 50 million Acres, Military Called In To Help Stop 6000 Fires Expected To Burn Through Fall!

Forest fires in Quebec last month blanketed the US East Coast with unprecedented smoke. New York City was the most polluted city in the world on June 7, prompting people there to stay indoors or wear masks. Above-normal wildfire activity is to be expected as climate change leads to more extreme weather conditions and droughts. Additional investment in operational forest firefighting capabilities might be needed in the future. Is there an end in sight for Canadian wildfires?

The most recent outlook, published in July, said the wildfire season this year is "Canada's most severe on record" and warned that current predictions "indicate continued potential for higher-than-normal fire activity across most of the country throughout the 2023 wildland fire season possibly into 2024.

The amount of forest burned annually will double by 2050, the Canadian government has said. The country normally spends about C$1 billion ($757 million) per year to combat wildfires, which excludes billions in costs when communities are destroyed. As per usual the average taxpayer pays the cost in lives and income while those who are responsible payoff the politicians and make vacation plans! Many of the fires have sprung to life in very remote areas from Quebec, to Nova Scotia blanketing the country, leaving Canadian provinces to decide which fires can and should be fought.


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