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Boston Supports The Green New Deal

Boston’s City Hall congratulates Black Coral Inc and other non profit Awardees!

Building on her campaign commitment to deliver a Green New deal for Boston Schools, Mayor

Michelle Wu has laid out a $2 billion plan to overhaul BPS facilities, which includes new

construction and renovation projects, as well as district-wide upgrades. The plan will be

kickstarted by a $605 million investment in making our city more capable of withstanding the

economic effects climate change.

“School construction, renovation, and retrofit projects will support citywide climate action while

also building community resilience to extreme weather events.” according to the City of Boston

website.included in the plan are district-wide capital investments that will bring facilities

improvements to nearly every BPS community, including energy and water efficiency upgrades,

the installation of solar panels, renovations to bathrooms and kitchens, school yard

improvements, and the installation of air conditioners and drinking water fountains. Only nine

new schools were built in Boston in the last 40 years, leaving decades of maintenance to

address urgently.

“Pam Goncalves (AKA The Bottle Tree Lady) the President of Black Coral Inc. re-iterated her

lifelong motto at the soft opening of the Souls of Tory Row art installation in Cambridge MA.

(paraphrasing) “That we have to deal with the inequities of our past in order to make way for a

brighter future, we must learn the truths of history in order to lock the door on repeating it and

use these keys to open a path for the future” Mayor Wu also sent a congratulatory letter to Black

Coral Inc. via the Office of Arts and Culture. The office wanted to share a message of thanks

from Mayor Wu to those chosen to receive $10,000 dollar grants to aid in the fight against the

damages of climate change, through arts and education. Check back periodically to the Black

Coral Inc. blog so we can update you on the progress and how you can access our programs,

internships,volunteer pool and events!

“This is a once in a generation opportunity …while also investing in projects that will help ensure

a healthier planet for all,” said Boston School Committee Chair Jeri Robinson.


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