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Black Owned Grocery Stores For Non GMO and Organic Foods! Seeking To Connect To African Markets

Eight years ago, Johns Hopkins University conducted a study that stated food deserts are a disproportionate reality for Black communities. Food deserts are areas that lack access to healthy and affordable food options — fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and more. When Black communities are left without the ability to afford these foods, what is the solution?

Black-owned grocery stores are beginning to emerge in the food industry. While the closure of Leon’s Thriftway in 2019 was a blow to the Kansas City community after 50 years, we can only hope that another pops up in its absence. The Black entrepreneurs behind these businesses are on a mission to provide and serve Black, underserved communities.

With Houston, Los Angeles, and Chicago on the list, the goal is to watch this list flourish with stores all over the country. Until then, here are Black-owned grocery stores that locals can support who are seeking to connect to the global African diaspora.

District Market Green Grocer (Houston, TX)

One of the newest Black-owned grocery stores to open in the United States, District Market Green Grocer is serving the Houston area as the first and only Black-owned supermarket in the city. Robert Thomas, District Market’s owner, previously owned a nightclub that was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an interview with FOX26, he described the process as turning his passion for nutrition into a mission to “vegetate the Black community.” District Market Green Grocer is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10AM to 9PM.

Circle Foods (New Orleans, LA)

Located in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans, Circle Food Store is the one-stop shop for groceries. The store has been a part of the community since 1854, first as the St. Bernard Market which was a community gathering space that housed a grocery store, bakery, pharmacy, and more. They have served the 7th Ward and greater part of the New Orleans community as a specialty grocery since 1938. Open seven days a week, locals can shop at Circle Food Store daily from 7:30AM to 7:30PM.

Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market (Omaha, NE)

Nestled in Omaha, Nebraska, in the historic Benson Area, Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market sought to bring the community health food options at a reasonable price. In conjunction with providing better food options, the market also supports local farm efforts Nebraska and its bordering state of Iowa. Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market is open Sunday (12PM-5PM) and Tuesday through Saturday (10AM-6PM).

Daily Organics (Los Angeles, CA)

Founded by Renee Gunter, a former haute couture model in the 1980s, Daily Organics is a produce store where customers can find a curated selection of organic products. A network of farmers, co-ops, and distributors is used to source seasonal fruits and vegetables for the Los Angeles area. While Los Angeles residents can take advantage of the free delivery they offer to customers who live within a two mile radius, the entire community can see what Daily Organics has to offer every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11AM to 6PM.

Grocery Outlet (Compton, CA)

Owned by Eugene Bennette, Grocery Outlet is a Black-owned supermarket in Compton, California. Bennette worked his way up the chain, having started as a cart pusher in his teens before eventually buying the store in 2019. The grocery store carries fresh produce and an assortment of organic and gluten-free foods, among the traditional store basics. Grocery Outlet is open daily from 7AM to 9PM.

Forty Acres Fresh Market (Chicago, IL)

Owned by Liz Abunaw, Forty Acres Fresh Market is bringing Chicago affordable, high quality fresh food. The market started up as a pop-up market at Sankofa Culture Arts and Business in January 2018. With a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, Forty Acres Fresh Market now serves as a traveling pop-up, operating in the underserved communities of Chicago. Interested parties can follow their market schedule to see where the traveling market will be next.

Cleo’s Bodega Grocery & Cafe (Indianapolis, IN)

Residents of Indianapolis can have all their food needs met at Cleo’s Bodega - Grocery & Cafe. With an adjoining community garden, the grocery store sells fresh produce to customers. During the same visit, customers can head over to the cafe to shop Cleo’s menu of salads, soups, smoothies, and more. The grocery store is open Monday through Friday (7AM-5PM) and Saturday (10AM-3PM).

African American Farmers of California demo farm

Location: Fresno, CA


African American Farmers of California was founded in (year) in (location), under the direction of President Will Scott. AAFC aims to support African-American farmers, gardeners, and more through education, resources, and collaboration. Projects, aims, goals, history.

Farms to Grow, Inc.

Location: Oakland, CA


FARMS TO GROW, INC is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to working with Black farmers and underserved sustainable farmers around the country. Farms To Grow, Inc. is committed to sustainable farming and innovative agriculture practices which preserve the cultural and biological diversity, the agroecological balance of the local environment.

Farms To Grow, Inc. aims to increase the capacity of underserved farmers to keep their farm operations and establish farming as a viable career for future generations. Underserved farmers may include Native American, Hispanic, other minority groups, women, the physically challenged and limited access organic farmers.

People’s Grocery

Location: Oakland, CA


People’s Grocery is a community-based organization in West Oakland that develops creative solutions to the health problems in our community that stem from a lack of access to and knowledge about healthy, fresh foods.

City Slicker Farms

Location: Oakland, CA


The mission of City Slicker Farms is to empower West Oakland community members to meet the immediate and basic need for healthy fresh food, free of chemicals, for themselves and their families by creating high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens.

Rkelley Farms

Location: Sacramento, CA


For over 45 years, Ron Kelley has had a finger in farming. He’s has worked as an agricultural production consultant, which is just a fancy term for plant doctor for farmers. What started out as a hobby a few years ago has now turned into a 25-acre U-pick farm called R. Kelley Farms.

“We grow black-eyed peas, purple hull peas, crowder peas, spreckled butterbeans and also green beans and another variety called cranberry peas, and much more” Ron said.

Simply Wholesome

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Simply Wholesome is dedicated to providing the proper resources to living a healthy lifestyle. We believe in promoting and celebrating our cultural diversity, combined with exceptional customer service in a warm and comfortable setting.

Our motto focuses on “keeping you looking good and feeling good.” Simply Wholesome commits to serving you best. We believe that our business is the

Afrikatown Community Garden

Location: Oakland, CA

An urban haven in West Oakland, Afrika Town at Qilombo empowers community members via food sustainability, justice, self-defense training and self-care.

Phat Beets Produce

Location: Oakland, CA


Phat Beets Produce is a food justice collective. The collective was started in North Oakland in 2007 as a guerrilla produce stand in a North Oakland park. We now support two certified, clinic-based farmer’s markets, one youth-led school farm stand and community nutrition hub, and a youth market garden in partnership with a local hospital obesity prevention program. As a collective, we strive to support social businesses, small-scale farmers, and farmers of color.

Sola Food Co-op

Location: Los Angeles, CA


The SoLA Food Co-op is in the beginning phases of forming itself into a viable cooperatively organized business. It’s goal is to create a source for natural, organic, non-GMO food in South Los Angeles.

As a co-op, we are much more than just another natural foods store—we’re actually owned by our local community. Unlike the national chain stores, we exist to serve you, our owners—not a distant corporate board.


Patchwork City Farms

Location: Atlanta, GA

Website: Patchwork City Farms

Patchwork City Farms (PCF) is a family owned urban farm located in the South West of Atlanta in the Historic West End Neighborhood. Patchwork City Farm’s (PCF) mission is to work with local landholders, public and private, to create a sustainable, naturally grown local food system. Our farm plots are Certified Naturally Grown and we are committed to growing produce that is safe and nutritious. We do not use unsafe chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We love nature and enjoy growing fresh vegetables for our community. That is why we are dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture. Currently, we grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. Our seasonal veggies are sold through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and local farmers markets. With your support, we can continue to grow. We welcome you to join our family

Swanson Family Farm

Location: Hampton, GA


We try our best to let animals live as God designed them. Our cows eat a salad of grasses, our chickens eat bugs, lizards and grass, our goats roam the property eating weeds. Our hogs are raised on pasture and in the woods. We partner with farmers that believe in and raise their animals in the same fashion.

Southeastern African American Farmers’ Organic Network

Location: Atlanta, GA


On July 6, 2006 farmers representing 15 African American farmers from Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama gathered in Savannah, Georgia for an intensive three-day organic certification workshop. The workshop was a collaborative effort spearheaded by Cynthia Hayes and Dr. Owusu Bandele, professor at the Southern University Agricultural Center. Both shared a strong commitment to increase the number of certified organic African American farmers in the South. (more info)

Burnell Farms

Location: Royston, GA


Burnell Farms is located in Hart County, Royston, Georgia, Tammy Jo and Bill Burnell relocated to Georgia, after they lost their home and all of their possessions in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa flood of 2008.

“We had always dreamed of farming someday, and it seemed like no better time as we literally had nothing to lose.”

“We started out with just $48 in seeds and a little over $1,000 in cash and set off for Georgia. We had located property online through Georgia Organics another organization that has been a huge asset to Burnell Farms. We were so excited to have the opportunity to rebuild our lives.

The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

Location: Royston, GA


The Mission of The Metro Atlanta Urban Farm is to reduce barriers to Metro Atlanta healthy living in urban communities by encouraging, promoting and supporting health education and sustainable high-quality low-cost agricultural production through gardening and farming training.

Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Ag

Location: East Point, Atlanta, & Fayetteville, GA


Truly Living Well grows better communities by connecting people with the land through education, training, and demonstration of economic success in natural urban agriculture. TLW continues to be a nationally recognized leader in natural urban agriculture. We demonstrate sustainable and economically viable solutions for helping people to eat and live better.


Your Bountiful Harvest Family Farm

Location: Chicago, IL


Your Bountiful Harvest began with a mission to teach people how to feed themselves. We do this by providing the necessary tools (seedlings), skills (consultation) and education (hands-on farmer training) to become successful at gardening and farming. We understand that you can’t learn everything overnight but we can point you in the right direction.

Growing Power

Location: Chicago, IL


Growing Power is a national nonprofit organization and land trust supporting people from diverse backgrounds, and the environments in which they live, by helping to provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people.


Circle Foods

Location: New Orleans, LA


Incorporated in 1938, we’ve operated as the first African-American owned full service grocery store in New Orleans for 77 years. Affectionately known as “Circle” to our area residents, we’ve welcomed generations of customers as community hub in New Orleans – providing groceries, prepared food, and services such as a pharmacy, a doctor, a dentist, a chiropractor, check cashing and banking, and a place to buy school uniforms.

Save-A-Lot Store (black owned Save-A-Lot franchise) 45063

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

The store’s owner, Tyrone Legette is a former NFL corner back who used to play for the New Orleans Saints. The store is located in the Brookwood Village Shopping Center. at 12250 Plank Rd. in what is known as the Brownsfield area of North Baton Rouge Louisiana.


Apples & Oranges Fresh Market

Location: Baltimore, MD


Popular healthy food stores are located in upscale neighborhoods and therefore are not convenient options for women, children and families who reside in East Baltimore. Apples and Oranges Fresh Market will grant more access to nutritious food options for the residents of East Baltimore and surrounding areas in Baltimore City.

Tha Flower Factory

Location: Baltimore, MD


Tha Flower Factory is a flower farm located in Baltimore City dedicated to growing high quality cut flowers and herbs.

Five Seeds Farms

Location: Baltimore, MD


Five Seeds Farm is a family-owned and operated – husband, wife and five children. The farm began in the city in the spring of 2008, in the Belair-Edison neighborhood in our backyard, a City Farms plot and six vacant lots across the street from our house. We quickly expanded to other vacant lots and private yards across the city. From community gardening, to neighborhood farm stands to community-supported urban agriculture to market and restaurant sales, we proudly grow food for children and community members. We believe in sustainably-grown produce free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. We are a transitional farm seeking organic certification in the 2015 season. We are reviving the idea that farming is essential, artistic and exciting. We champion the idea that true food security is achieved when you control your own food.



Location: Detroit, MI


D-Town Farm is a seven acre organic farm in Detroit’s Rouge Park. We grow more than 30 different fruits, vegetables and herbs that are sold at farmers markets and to wholesale customers. The farm features four hoop houses for extended-season growing, bee-keeping, large-scale composting, farm tours and an annual harvest festival.


Leon’s Thriftway

Location: Kansas City, MO

Leon Stapleton owns a Thriftway supermarket franchise located at 4400 East 39th. Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Stapleton is a spritely, 90-years young, and shows up to work at his store everyday. Leon Stapleton purchased his franchise in 1968, after it was destroyed by a Molotov cocktail that was thrown inside during the riots that followed the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Prior to owning his own franchise, Mr. Stapleton worked at a Safeway supermarket, where he was the first Black person to be hired by a franchise grocer. His hiring made it possible for other Black people to be hired by other major chain stores in the Kansas City area, such as Kroger’s, A&P, and Milgram stores.


Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market

Location: Omaha, NE (4811 NW Radial Hwy)


The idea that the Historic Benson area needed a grocery store to call its own is long overdue. The need for a grocery store where healthy options are offered at a reasonable price is what Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market has. In helping close and solve the food desert in the Benson area, we want to provide our community better food options from local farmers that will enable the community to live healthier lives while supporting the local farm efforts in Nebraska and Iowa. It truly is a win-win situation!

New York

BLK Projek

Location: Bronx, NY


The BLK Projek was created in 2009 when Bronx activist and mother, Tanya Fields wanted to take a more proactive approach in her quest for social justice and inclusive economic development. Having a child suffering from food allergies, experiencing increased weight gain, lacking access to quality, affordable food, a significant amount of undeveloped lots and her communities close proximity to the Hunts Point Food Distribution center, she recognized that the Bronx could have a foothold in creating an alternative, more inclusive food system and harness that power as an economic development tool.

East New York Farms

Location: Brooklyn, NY


The mission of the East New York Farms Project is to organize youth and adults to address food justice in our community by promoting local sustainable agriculture and community-led economic development. East New York Farms! is a project of the United Community Centers in partnership with local residents.

Brooklyn Rescue Mission Urban Harvest

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn Rescue Mission was founded in 2002 by a group of clergy and community workers with a vision to service the hungry, hurting and homeless people of Central Brooklyn with healthy fresh food and clean warm clothing. The mission’s founders helped many poor working families, predominately headed by low wage earners, by providing food outreach and clothing assistance. Brooklyn Rescue Mission, Inc. was successfully formed and now assists families living in a community where many of residents are one paycheck away from homelessness.

Hattie Carthan Community Garden Markets

Location: Brooklyn, NY


In 2009 community advocate Yonnette Fleming led gardeners to revitalize and reclaim an abandoned land parcel which was used to dump toxic materials for over twenty years. In a matter of years, the lot adjacent to the Hattie Carthan Community Garden was to become the Community Market. Thousands of volunteer hours helped us to convert that blighted property into a thriving farmers market which increases the neighborhood’s limited access to fresh food and thus our overall community health.

Black Urban Growers

Location: New York


Black Urban Growers (BUGS) is an organization of volunteers committed to building networks and community support for growers in both urban and rural settings. Through education and advocacy around food and farm issues, we nurture collective black leadership to ensure we have a seat at the table.

Soul Fire Farm

Location: New York


Soul Fire Farm is a family farm committed to the dismantling of oppressive structures that misguide our food system. Soul Fire Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown family farm, community resource, and vessel for education. We raise life-giving food and act in solidarity with people marginalized by food apartheid. With deep reverence for the land and wisdom of our ancestors, we work to reclaim our collective right to belong to the earth and to have agency in the food system. We bring diverse communities together on this healing land to share skills on sustainable agriculture, cooking, and natural building, and contribute to the movements for food sovereignty and community self-determination.

North Carolina

First Fruits Farm

Location: Louisburg, NC


Based in Louisburg, NC, First Fruits Farm was founded by former NFL lineman, Jason Brown, to share the love of Christ and aid in hunger relief in eastern North Carolina.


Giant Eagle

Location: Pittsburg, PA


Giant Eagle® supermarkets have proudly served our customers for more than 80 years. This one franchise is African American owned.

We can’t be everywhere so Black Coral Inc. Org needs our global community to help us out. If you know of any other Black-owned businesses around the country, let us know!


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