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Black Coral Inc Partners With Boston Community Org To Build Housing For Displaced Veterans

The property will also provide a community center for locals!

The 30 Unit Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Housing, proposed Learning Center and Food Bank located on the property currently under construction will promote Veteran life skills learning and economic development and support degree completion for residents who are veterans, military, reservist, guard members, by providing comprehensive support services that enhance and complement their military training and experiences.

Ludmila Gomes Program Director and Grant Writer, A Veteran is assessing the layout for her office.

Through information sharing, referral services, outreach, and opportunities for involvement the residential own Veterans services Center will strive to provide a supportive and educational environment that fosters s success and achievement to those adversely affected by climate change and climate injustice in housing.

Veterans are disproportionately represented among people experiencing homelessness, even after more than a decade of improvement. And while unhoused veterans may have access to resources that other people experiencing homelessness do not, they also tend to have more complex physical and mental health conditions that can make bouncing back from disaster even more difficult. In the United States, veterans make up about 7% of the population but 13% of people experiencing homelessness. That’s a drastic improvement from a decade ago. Concerted efforts to identify and house veterans have cut veteran homelessness by more than half in the last 12 years. But the pandemic and high rates of inflation have increased economic insecurity, and even veterans with housing can be at risk of homelessness: Nearly 13% of housed veterans report income at or below 150% of the poverty line. According to research by the Bob Woodruff Foundation, half of all veterans between the ages of 25 and 54 say they have less than $4,000 in their bank account.

Beginning of SRO shower installation (Photo Courtesy of Narman Construction Inc)

"Veterans are overrepresented among the homeless population for a number of reasons; Veterans may be more likely to experience trauma, which correlates with homelessness. And they have higher rates of traumatic brain injuries, which can be a risk factor. Veterans experiencing homelessness also tend to be older." According to Veteran's Affairs Representatives. Black Coral Inc. Supports the mission of The United States (U.S.) Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) Climate Action Plan (CAP) which outlines VA's response to the projected impacts of climate change to the department with the goal of ensuring sustained operations to support the uninterrupted delivery of benefits and services and VA's “Fourth Mission.” Locating adequate AND SAFE HOUSING FOR DISPLACED UNHOUSED VETERANS. Made a reality By Black Coral Inc that is actively engaged in the creation of 30 Single Room Occupancy residences in Boston MA.

Stainless Steel Appliances Being Installed In Boston SRO's shared Kitchen for Unhoused Veterans (Photo Courtesy of Narman Construction)

Black Coral is currently using monies from Grants and donations to make this happen in Partnership with local community build organizations of Boston which we will be highlighting later as the site nears completion. The signs celebrating the return of armed services personnel from dangerous overseas missions. “Welcome Home,” they proudly, declare. But for many veterans—carrying the visible and invisible scars of battle, more vulnerable to suicide, physical and mental illness, and substance use disorders—the message rings hollow: they might not even have a stable home to return to. Ex-service members have long been at greater risk of homelessness than the general population.

Flooring begun for 1 of 30 Veteran SRO's note we accept donations of materials (Photo Courtesy of Narman Construction)

For some context, on a given night, there are around 40,000 veterans experiencing homelessness across the United States, and that’s a number that’s decreased by about 52 percent since 2012. Homelessness is a dynamic phenomenon: most folks who are homeless only experience homelessness for a fairly short period of time, and so there’s a lot of turnover in the population. The big reductions in homelessness among veterans over the past12 years has a lot to do with the investments that non- profits have made in the development of Housing Programs.

Program Dir. Ludmila Gomes & Founder/Treasurer Black Coral Inc. J Lynda Blake, Discuss demo and Build of SRO's, Community Center/Food Bank (photo Courtesy Narman Construction)


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