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Arizona Anti-Black Terrorist Triggered By Climate Migration Attempts Mass Shooting at Bad Bunny Rap Concert

Eight black-owned businesses in the Atlanta area were among the nation's 100 highest-grossing African American companies, Many blacks in Atlanta live in gated communities not far from white lower middle-class blue-collar communities!

Man Planned to Kill as Many Black People as Possible at Puerto Rican Rapper Bad Bunny ATL Concert Thought Crowd would be African American! His targets? Blacks Jews & Muslims!

An Arizona man who planned to commit a mass shooting at an Atlanta rap concert as a way of inciting a “race war” has been indicted by a federal grand jury for hate crime and firearm charges. Mark Adams Prieto intended for the shooting to incite a “race war” before the presidential election in November, prosecutors said. Credit...U.S. Department of Justice. Part of the plan included leaving confederate flags to leave a message. Prieto said he would show no mercy as Blacks were not people but monsters.

He said he planned to shout "KKK ALL THE WAY" and that his goal was to have a high body count he wanted it to be clear this was a racially motivated attack and not gang related. His goal was to create a race war prior to the presidential election to enact martial law so people that think like him could murder as they please. Prieto, 58, was reported to the authorities last year by an acquaintance who said he had made concerning comments calling for mass shootings targeting Black people.

"Officials stopped and arrested Mr. Prieto, of Prescott, Ariz., near Route I-40 from a tip they received by someone who claimed to speak to him often at gun shows. The arrest was made in New Mexico on May 14, according to prosecutors. This was a clear case of criminal conspiracy. If he gets a conservative racist judge he may still go home so be on the lookout and show no quarter to these terrorists. They should be stopped with prejudice. Arizona is known for having vocal intolerance supporters and many are upset that the political direction of the nation is toward equity and inclusion of all races.

Prieto had seven firearms in his vehicle, and investigators carrying out a search warrant would later find an arsenal of guns in his home, including an unregistered short-barreled rifle and AR-15 and AK-47-style rifles, according to the indictment.


“Climate justice seeks historical accountability from nations and entities responsible for climate change and calls for a radical transformation of the contemporary systems that shape the relationship between humans and the rest of the planet. The status quo is that global and national systems distribute the suffering associated with the global ecological crisis on a racially discriminatory basis,” Tendayi Achiume,( UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, and xenophobia)

“The ongoing destruction of our planet affects everyone. But what experts also make clear is that race, ethnicity and national origin continue to result in the unjust enrichment and privilege of some, and the utter exploitation, abuse and even death of others on account of the discrimination at the core of environmental and climate injustice.”

Climate change affects birthrates, it affects lifespans and especially vulnerable are the elderly and young children without natural defenses to hi Uva radiation and heat. It also causes climate migration and increased competition for resources that affect the economy of global monetary systems as well as microeconomics i.e. wages. This emboldens those who believe in the White replacement theory because of perceived inability to keep up with birthrates of other ethnicities.

U.S. birthrates have fallen by 4 percent 8 percent in non-melanated communities, hitting a record low. Deaths now outnumber births among white people in more than half the states in the country, demographers have found, signaling what could be a faster-than-expected transition to a country where Caucasians are no longer a majority despite European immigration numbers.

Since the start of the pandemic in April 2020, the white population has grown by 500,000 people, all of it driven by immigration. Without it, the white population, excluding those who identify as more than one race, still had a decline of more than 768,000 people in the white population since the number of immigrants couldn’t overcome the steep drop in natural decrease that came from deaths outnumbering births for the last three years. Population growth is propelled in two ways: through immigration and natural increase, when births outpace deaths. The simple fact of the matter is in the USA the oldest population is that of Caucasians.

The United States in 2023 had 157.5 million people who identified as white, excluding those who identify as more than one race.


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