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Bill Gates food coating of fatty acids and trans fats helps fruit stay around longer but you cant wash it off! Its a secret what is in it!

Apeel is an invisible coating made up of purified monoglycerides and diglycerides, edible fatty acids commonly found as natural compounds in the peels, seeds and pulp of fruits, vegetables and other plants. The company uses these food products, such as grape peel from a winery, and presses out an oil rich in the fat lipids, which it then turns into a colourless, odourless, and tasteless powder. Manufacturers simply need to add water and apply as a spray, a brush or as a dip. When applied on produce, this coating works to mimic the natural cuticle layer developed by many leaves, stems, fruits and flowers as a form of protection, the company says. Specifically, the ultra-thin protective coating locks oxygen and moisture inside, “dramatically” slowing the rate by which the produce spoils.

A spokesperson for the Soil Association said: “We understand Apeel contains E471 Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; this is not permitted under GB or EU organic regulation. So this would not be permitted for use on organic produce in Britain.” Another factor to consider is that extending shelf life could potentially have a positive impact thanks to its reduction of food waste: Apeel claims that 44 million pieces of fruit have been saved from waste since it launched. Food waste is a major emitter of greenhouse gas, contributing to climate change.

Already supermarkets are removing Best Before dates from fruit and vegetable packing. This has been replaced with a code i.e E3, E4 E5 E6 etc according to which week the item was processed. This is for the benefit of the manufacturer and the supplier and not the consumer. It is claimed to prevent waste, and so the consumer now has a much reduced understanding and knowledge of how fresh the item is. This is of course not fundamentally to save waste, but to increase profit.

Also a Bill has been passed which allows foodstuffs to be gene edited i.e genetically modified with no right of the consumer or neighboring farmer for that matter to know where it has come from or where it is being grown. `Frankenstein` foods are now legally due to hit our supermarket shelves, or so it would appear. Soon we shall be bombarded with `super-silicon` coatings which are claimed to prolong shelf life. This is not a natural phenomenon and therefore not what nature intended. Again this has to be about profit – things generally are. The rise of `plastic` food is just around the corner, or so it would seem? Man cannot defy nature however hard he tries, because nature will fight back – and likely in a way that was not expected.

What has not been discussed with consumers is the bodily process of these glycerides, the affect on the body, the solvents used and the residual substances left behind. This is what we found out:

1) monoglycerides and diglycerides form triglycerides in the body which is attributed to the hardening of the artery walls thus causing arteriosclerosis and pancreatitis.

2) the solvents used include ethyl acetate and heptane which affects the Central Nervous System CNS, also causing headaches, nausea, drowsiness and possible permanent damage to CNS.

3) Neutralizing agents are added which are carcinogenic which include: Palladium( Toxic), Arsenic ( eyes, liver, skin issues), Lead (affects body systems), Cadmium (kidney, bone issues) and Mercury (brain). We should speak up to the brands we buy from. We should thank the brands like Driscoll’s and Natural Grocers and The Good Earth, who have made the commitment to keep Apeel-sprayed foods out of the produce we buy.

According to Apeels’s literature these chemical are not EXPECTED to be absorbed by the skin of the fruit but bear in mind the skin is the most nutritious part and Apeel does not wash off so if you eat an apple coated with it you will be ingesting the chemicals.


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