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A Revealing Kem Mystery (Chemistry)

Why Exposing the Truth of World and African History Is a Step Towards Stopping Global Warming!

With record-breaking heat waves gripping many regions of the U.S. and unprecedented floods wreaking havoc from China to Germany, the existential threat of climate change has once again risen to the forefront of public discourse.

But this is not the first time that extreme weather events have posed a challenge for humankind. In fact, the case of ancient Egypt offers useful insights into human responses to environmental stress, says Nadine Moeller, professor of Near Eastern languages and civilizations, and Joseph Manning, professor of history and classics.

The Li Min Beautiful and Powerful of the Shang Dynasty

The First rulers of China were the Shang Dynasty c1500-1008 BC, The first three of China's earliest dynasties were Black. The Shang called themselves Nakhi (Na-Black, khi-Man) or Li-Min Beautiful Feminine)-,Powerful (Masculine)) the Black Dynasty.

Why does the truth of the African roots of human history threaten old school scholars rehashing 18th century dogma as truth? Why do they spend so much time and energy repainting the reliefs of ancient Kemet and defacing the noses of the statues? Why don't people learn in school that the science of Chemistry (Kem (meaning Black) Mystery) among almost every other science was started by ancient Black melanated Africans? Why aren't we taught that the further we go back in history the more melanated it is and the ancient peoples called themselves black! It literally is what many of the names of ancient civilizations means! Why has all these things and more been important for Eurocentric historians and scholars to cover up ,hide, sequester, burn, or just plain lie about?

As part of the Yale Nile Initiative, a four-year project examining the link between the hydrological cycle and human society in ancient Egypt, Manning focuses on the climate effects of massive volcanic eruptions on annual Nile floods during the Ptolemaic Kingdom. These eruptions may have shifted the patterns of the annual African monsoon, suppressing Nile floods and disrupting agricultural yields. T

The American Psychological Association released a study (not withstanding that Critical race theory guides the analysis of the nature of a white epistemology (knowledge source pertaining to the subject) in psychological science, the consequences for the study of race, and how scientific racism has been possible in the pursuit of knowledge. But be that as it may the study highlighted that many people who are admitted racists have deep seated issues surrounding a belief of their inherent inferiority in many ways to black people, and subconsciously this mixture of fragility, jealousy and fear informs their hatred from prolonged insecurity and drives them to micro aggressions and sometimes extremes of violent behaviors.

As Dr. Frances Cress Welsing pointed out over 40 years ago, the majority of white supremacists fear that their genetic survival as a phenotype depends on the oppression of ALL melanated populations! There are countless historical accounts of homicides, false imprisonment, torture, and mass murder based on a belief that Black males desire white women and are seeking to replace the white male as the first choice of the women white males are phenotypically most similar too. This ire even extended to black soldiers during the Vietnam war when white troops would tell Vietnamese women who were interested in Black soldiers that the men had tails and were cannibals to dissuade them from interactions with Black GI's! Simultaneously these same men would also derogatorily refer to the Vietnamese women as "Yellow N*ggers."

This irrational fear of genetic annihilation through natural selection is illustrated most profoundly in the symbols of power and worship prized by cultures that historically oppressed people of dark complexions through various systems such as caste and socio-economic disenfranchisement. Some of these symbols are surprisingly phallic such as worship of the Black Shiva Lingam in India. A literal stone phallus presented as a votary object that symbolizes the ancient Black god Shiva who in legend was castrated and his male part began destroying all creation until his wife was able to reattach it to him thus saving creation from the power of creation. The stone altar is revered as an emblem of generative power. During a holiday celebrating the earth the stone is wreathed in fresh flowers and worshipers pour milk, ghee (similar to butter), and honey over the object this is also done periodically to avoid the stone from turning brittle and cracking down.

Another symbol of male power is the Kemetan Obelisk they were large Shafts of a black and Red stone dedicated to the life giving aspects (through the sun's rays) of the creator Ra (pronounced Ray) and significant achievements of the Pharaohs often placed before the entrances to shrines in a temple of the god and decorated with finely carved relief hieroglyphs giving the names and titles of whom it was dedicated to. The obelisks of ancient Egypt themselves had several functions, existing both as a reference to the cultus of the sun and of the phallus, representing fertility and power. The Washington monument in Washington DC is an obelisk made of "White" stone! Ancient Egyptians further believed that the obelisk could guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife. The Obelisk in Ancient Kemet, Its shape, color symbolism, and use made it a powerful symbol of the strength of Kemetan (Egyptian) faith.

The theme of fertility or creation equaling true power is repeated throughout history and this also is relative to modern times and the primary problems that threaten humankinds survival on the planet global warming and climate change! The fear of genetic annihilation is central to the rate of anxiety around the world's changing ecosystems. In order for the non melanated populations to retain importance in a climate changed world which makes a phenotype lacking in melanin less promising for the survival of offspring one must maintain an economic dominance which overshadows the obvious genetic negatives of being pheomelanin dominant (White or pale skinned).In maintaining social dominance and preference as a potential mate the white male must oppose any measures that allow a socio-economic system to embrace social justice and economic equity and access to power.

This includes access to technologies that offer freedom from starvation (eg. planting of fruit trees in cities and urban public grounds, Atmospheric water generation and aquaponics) Freedom from debt (Bartering, Crypto Currency, no interests, Free healthcare, Free Education, Free Green Energy) and freedom from discrimination of, sexual identity, gender, religion, and racial bias. All modern systems of government survive by keeping people from accessing basic needs of one kind or another to encourage them to go to war or work to maintain the upper classes or ruling parties. If need is removed so is the necessity for a complicated system to maintain an unequal power structure that feeds of the masses. Thus through an international consensus nations with sunlight are dissuaded from using solar, nations with large waterways are urged not to build hydro electric dams and nations with a lot of wind are discouraged from embracing wind power!

Be it food, water, shelter (Such as tiny homes to small to tax), or free energy and even the right to marry the companion of your choice as that affects your lifetime debt and access to generational wealth. None of these things can be given freely and if someone finds a way they must be quickly silenced. Whether capitalism, Communism, or socialism there is a mechanism of intervention created to take from the masses and enrich the chosen because all modern systems are ruled by Petro-pharmaceutical concerns. And thus there is no hope to slow climate and global warming instead people are told that their use of petroleum made plastic bottles is to blame so they recycle them and give Petro-pharmaceuticals even higher profits! Not to mention the global military industrial system that promotes wars between countries that they destabilize then convince the leadership that it is the neighbor who they sold weapons to previously who made the problem just reaping in more profits while killing off two potential rivals for global domination.


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