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360° of Farah Jeune

Art and Humanity, A Full Circle Creative

Farah Jeune is a growing Multimedia Artist. She is the creator, producer & host of @farenheighttv and the artist behind @studiojeuneart. Farah is a trained and experienced multimedia & marketing professional. She has an extensive background in producing events, marketing strategies, video production, photography, illustration, social media, branding and graphic design. Her TV show, ºFarenheightTV, showcases everything from community events, arts and culture, and even healthy and delicious recipes. Known for her creativity, ambition, and positive energy, Farah exudes a kindness for humanity and a deep love and passion for social justice.

Farah is a true believer in every sense of the word. Her personal art reflects multiple themes of humanity engaged in social action, economic empowerment, education, environmental issues, health and human rights, as well as disaster and humanitarian relief. She also creates artwork to bring awareness to critical issues impacting communities of color such as HIV and Mental Health issues. Her visual artwork has been featured at the United States Conference of HIV/AIDS (USCHA), Viiv Healthcare’s Youth Summit, The Punto Urban Art Museum and on the Billboard Hope public artwork project in both the Seaport neighborhood and the Roxbury community of Boston, her hometown. Last year, Ms. Jeune was awarded the Boston Arts Publication and Media Outlet Award for her grassroots work on ºFarenheight TV by the Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture. She is currently being featured in the pages of SHOUTOUT LA, a part of the Los Angeles based Voyage Group of Magazines that focuses on creatives and entrepreneurs.

Ms. Jeune speaks about her struggle in the interview and her eventual triumphs…

“When I graduated college in 2013, I was ready to contribute my ideas, skills and passion to television production but after a handful of job rejections and feeling like I was drowning in debt, it felt like it was an impossible career to attain. I was really tired of feeling disappointed so I decided to invest in myself… Since I wasn’t getting the opportunities to be in the tv networks I applied to, I started producing my own tv show at a local community access tv station. ºFarenheight TV” I am very proud of myself but for a long time, I struggled with self doubt and sometimes I allowed that doubt to hinder my growth. Now however, I create art for the sake of creating art. Not for anyone’s approval but mine AND it feels so good and refreshing to be in that space.”

(Shout Out LA | July 14, 2022).

Farah intends to launch her online Art website before the end of Summer 2022 but her artwork is currently available by commission or through some of her clients. Farah also was instrumental in developing the look of Black Coral Inc.'s online style, website and social media presence. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this stellar talent and rising star, Farah Jeune.

Special Edition Poster – commissioned artwork by Farah Jeune. $19.00 – $25.00 can be purchased at which supports women living with and impacted by HIV.


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