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Epoch of Ecology: The Road From Feudalism To Capitalism There and Back Again!

Going Beyond Tucker, Jacob Alexander's, "Epochs of Ecology: The Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism" (2020) in order to Battle the forces of Mordor!

The Hobbits' visions of Saruman's industrial hell of Isengard and Sauron's desolate polluted land of Mordor have been interpreted as comments on modern society. The destruction of Isengard by the tree-giant Ents, and "The Scouring of the Shire" by the Hobbits, have a strong theme of restoration of the natural environment after such industrial pollution and degradation. However, Tolkien's love of trees and unspoiled nature is apparent throughout the novel.

But how do we recognize the Orcs from the elves in modern society and how do we get out of this mess when all the nations seem to be complicit in prolonging the degradation of the planet. In the foreword to the Second Edition of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien wrote that while the work had no "allegorical significance did have a basis in his personal experience. He stated that "The country in which I lived in childhood was being shabbily destroyed before I was ten", as Birmingham grew and spread houses, roads and suburban railways across the Warwickshire countryside, and he lamented "the last decrepitude of the once-thriving corn-mill beside its pool that long ago seemed to me so important".

There are multiple instances of Tolkien documenting how the industrialization of England in his youth inspired The Lord of the Rings' story. While the march of the Ents to overthrowing of Isengard is the most obvious denouncement of industrialization, it is far from the only time the books address the topic.

"With the potential advent of global ecological collapse, there is a necessity to examine and theorize how we can move beyond the movements from feudalism to capitalism through the lens of protecting the ecology. While in mainstream economics the environment is either entirely

dismissed or nature’s role in economics remains subsidiary to the human economy, in the globalized perspective of current economics, encompassing free energy, robotization and mechanization of labor, Artificially intelligence and crypto currency a human’s interacting through nature is at the core of the entire perspective of man's survival in the future because our leadership seems to be seeking ways to make humanity and its continued existence unnecessary. For that reason, this attempt to gain an understanding of what the course of humanity should take in order to safeguard the planet and our existence on it is necessary.

It must therefore be expressed that since the dire outcomes created by the current power structure are being placed firmly on the shoulders of the next generations to solve with seemingly a shoulder shrugging lackadaisical attitude about the continuance of a healthy planet. Those elderly stalwarts of supposed wisdom should for the most part be ignored as they have no skin in the game. It is necessary in all due haste for the young to grasp the social and natural dynamic forces involved in the transition from feudalism to capitalism toa global green economy of free energy, water, and sustenance!

England from the 14th to the 19th century heralded the dissolution of the feudal system and the rise of the slave exploitation, colonialism for resource theft and fuel driven capitalism. By highlighting three socio-natural relationships vital for the transition: the relationship to Agriculture: (corn, wheat, sugar, Indigo...) Textile production (Wool, Cotton, Hemp, Silk,...) and mining Gold, Silver, Copper, Diamonds. By exploring these relationships historically through the lens of economics and ecology, we can pinpoint most aptly the rupture in ecology brought about by the destructive systems inherent within both the feudalist and capitalist outdated modes.

The inability to continue in this present manner stems from something within these economic system that iterates an ecologically antagonistic pattern with nature. Both feudalism and Capitalism set forth an objective to conquer nature rather than work with it for mutually beneficial outcomes this is in direct conflict with ancient agrarian societies of most of the world's indigenous populations.

The set of socio-natural relations that are now dominant undermine the conditions for the reproduction of both humans and nature in a manner suitable for vitality and longevity. Humans are not alone in experiencing the effects of this adversarial position with nature. Nature has also undergone stressors in connection with human society. Just as the common man or woman feels the pangs of hunger and strain of sixteen-hour workdays upon the body resulting in low birth rates and a lack of impetus for men and women to have children, so does the Earth feel the draining of its vitality for reproduction.

Our corporations and global economies are failing one by one because of a lack of simple understanding! The Horse was replaced by the Automobile, The Automobile must be replaced By The free energy EV! It is a return to the energy that actually powers the globe, SUNLIGHT! Now that the globe can access and store it all other endeavors to slow progress are futile we are under a new paradigm. You can kill men but the zeitgeist of a universally appealing idea being stalled is like shoring up an avalanche so you can camp under its inevitable weight.

In the present we have homes of higher quality than those built for the last 100 years at one twentieth the cost that allow consumers to add on additions like kids did in the 70's with Lincoln logs or tinker toys. We have atmospheric water generators that can supply a home with free water for 25 years for less than the cost of a swimming pool! We have solar windows, roofs, panels and sheds that can power your home or store the energy in an accompanying battery for less than the price of a Chevy truck! With the growth of Vegan culture and expansion of community gardens, urban fruit orchards, green spaces, foraging, herbal, medicinal and Victory gardening a paradigm of self sufficiency without the global markets supplied by Petro-pharmaceuticals is at hand. Posit this with the knowledge that no leader in opposition to this paradigm is trusted and no economy based on oppression and theft of labor or resources can exist in a free global society.

Petrodollar backed concerns have promised to address profound social and economic inequality.

AT THE PRESENT time there is in the United States greater and greater awareness that the existence of poverty in the midst of affluence is maintained purposely it is tolerated and acknowledgment that, the solutions to the problems of poverty have been within our grasp for over a century. It is why hemp was made illegal, why energy sources and technologies have been suppressed, why labor movements have been sabotaged, why a two party system that never changes the status quo is funding war even though there is no world power that actively seeks to engage in war with us and those we accuse of those machinations are our biggest trade partners!

It is why companies that employ illegal foreign labor are allowed to continue to do business while the laborers are often imprisoned and deported after they have been used up. It is why a majority of our foods are filled with corn, and processed sugars and foods found tom be healthy or beneficial to our health are routinely overpriced, sent to special markets or discontinued. It is why the community with the least cultural influence are proliferators of the most firearms and the number one usage of those firearms is suicide. It is why members of certain demographics with the least economic power pay the most in taxes and receive the least social services. The only answer to negating the protracted war against the economies of the masses is to embrace divestment of economic and labor support of the system.

As the elite call in the foreign new peasant class embracing the green paradigm utilizing cultural influence and self promoting media vehicles as you become entrepreneurial and global in reach the old system has no choice but to adapt towards inclusion or die! That is the ultimately the most insistent law of nature!


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