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USA Idiocracy: How Racism & Supreme Court Will Make Ivy Leagues A Joke?

HBCU's Will Be The Gamechangers of the Future!

Legacies are getting a break not available to other applicants. No different from affirmative action preferences that supposedly harm Asian applicants.100 years ago, getting a Harvard degree meant you'd have a truly world class liberal arts education. Today, an Ivy League degree is a total joke and becoming more so with each passing year. The Ivies hand out "As" like candy, their classes have been demonstrated to be identical to classes at other non-Ivy universities, they teach absurd lies to students, and students tend to graduate with less knowledge than when they went in. And things will only continue to accelerate into the abyss as the Ivies desperately try to get around affirmative action bans by getting rid of or highly reducing reliance upon standardized testing, which will bleed down into Wall Street recruiting (the main reason you hire out of the Ivy League is because standardized testing ensures you are hiring high intellectual horsepower, which means shorter learning curves). The next generation of Ivy League graduates will be less intelligent and poorly educated. In 2040, a degree from Yale, Harvard, Brown, et al will mean very little and the prestige of an Ivy League degree will be drastically less than today. HBCU's will displace the Ivy League (and its peers today) in terms of pipeline and prestige its already happening as HBCU's are seeing numbers of white applicants tripling in the last few years!


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