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TIK TOK Home of Influential Climate Advocates Will Not Give Up Algorithm!

USA vs China Social Media Proxy War Continues...At The Expense of Common Sense.

According to TIME Magazine...In the wake of releasing a statement in June apologizing to members of its Black community who have felt unsafe, unsupported, or suppressed, TikTok continues to face bias allegations from Black creators and others posting positive or informative Black content!

According to WIRED "a crop of eco-creators is bent on educating their followers about the looming global disaster," use TIK TOK to get their message to translate into climate action!

The wired article presented findings from "Thomas Schinko, leader of the Equity and Justice Research Group at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis". Shinko says, "the storytelling aspect of TikTok is what makes it so effective. “From our research experience we know that storytelling is key for communicating the climate crisis in a way that can lead to taking action.” According to Schinko, TikTok has incredible potential as an arts-based activist platform. “With creative ideas, artistic works, and a lot of commitment, they show in a partly humorous, partly frightening and disturbing way how important it is to protect the climate.”

Tik Tok's policies prohibit "climate change misinformation that undermines well-established scientific consensus, such as content denying the existence of climate change or the factors that contribute to it." Like Black coral Inc supporters many Tik Tokkers are sustainable influencers. A sustainable influencer is someone with a presence on social media who uses their platform to speak about social causes, climate justice and to promote awareness and have real discussions with followers on the environment and ways we can all help it.

The four principles of sustainability - social, environmental, economic, and cultural sustainability - can be applied to our everyday lives in a variety of ways. Our identity and sense of belonging are inherently intertwined with culture. We can broadly describe it as a set of communal beliefs, values, customs, and behaviors that all humanity shares.

Cultural sustainability is not as many would believe a recent addition to the principles even though for a long time it fell under the social sustainability umbrella. Black and Indigenous advocates in the American battle for civil rights embraced the importance of culture, most especially in our sacred roles of steward's and protectors of nature!

In fact the people who are least receptive about inclusivity, diversity, and equality are also the most vocal against doing anything about climate or in complete denial or apathy about our changing climate. In short, cultural sustainability, economic empowerment, good environmental stewardship and universal social justice can only happen when our respective cultural beliefs that support life on the planet, its natural processes, and ethical practices are nurtured and respected.

The TikTok algorithm is keeping track of which videos you like and don't like, who you follow, which search terms you're using and using that information to send you videos on topics you like. The TikTok algorithm is what made the social platform so successful and it’s also what makes the app seem psychic ("How did it know I love eco-sustainability, vegan recipes and green power videos?"). Environmentalism is a complex, multi-faceted topic spanning a variety of topics all of which are aimed at encouraging us to stop the ecological destruction of our planet so humanity and all life can have a future, something that should be a no-brainer.

Powerful social media platforms like Tik Tok provide a way to educate your audience about environmental issues and inspire them. Share information through infographics, blogs, or videos that raise awareness about climate change and its affects across the globe. Content creators can also follow it up with potentially lifesaving tips for living more sustainably.

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said last month that the Chinese government has the ability to influence "a lot of young people" who use TikTok as their main news source. "That's a national security concern," Rubio said. Especially since critical thinking isn't taught in American schools, this could be a problem most parents would agree. Except for the fact that TikTok actually inspires critical thinking this would make a good argument! The Feynman Technique is a study strategy that involves explaining a topic in your own words as if you were teaching it to someone else who has no background that is the essential model of Tik Tok...Critical thinking is the cognitive process of actively and objectively analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information, ideas, or situations to form an educated opinion. When someone on Tik Tok goes left with craziness Tik Tokkers all get in battle mode even when it is with the owners of the platform themselves.


When an indie artist, Iniko, had their hugely popular original song called King's Affirmation removed from Tik Tok. While a cover of an “asian” singer literally stealing her song was allowed to stay on the platform the public outcry and subsequent viral stitches (video commentary added to original video) made Iniko an international star! Iniko currently has two new two hit songs Jericho and Armor and is on an international tour!

Iniko, the enigmatic and genderless female artist, has captured the world's attention with her ethereal and captivating music. With an enormous international and diverse fan base and sold-out concerts, Iniko's meteoric rise to stardom is undeniable. Behind the artist's extraordinary talent is a fascinating Jamaican heritage, her father Max Dixon is a member of the 80's-90's roots reggae band "Souljahs."


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