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The Rising Economic Dominance Of The Woke Global Majority!

How Climate Change is Making Oppression and White Supremacy Unprofitable!

It costs money to run a prison or maintain a system based on exploitation and oppression of the poor and disenfranchised. The impacts of extreme climate events are costing the United States an estimated $150 billion each year. With every increment of global warming or 1 degree Celsius of warming, those costly damages are expected to accelerate. For example, another 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming which we expect before 2040 (according to latest United Nations Projections) is projected to cause more than fifty times the economic harm already induced by 1 degree F of warming which would equate to 7.5 trillion dollars!

In a 2022 study by Citigroup, “Closing the Racial Inequality Gaps,” economists stated that in the last 20 years, racism has cost the U.S. economy conservatively about $16-20 trillion. This is not insignificant as the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) is $21 trillion. The fact of the matter is that the money spent to fund oppression and ameliorate the effects of climate change doesn't come from the pockets of the perpetrators but from the poorest and most marginalized segments of the population especially poor white communities.

As for the rise of the "Global Majority" ("Global majority" is a collective term for people of Indigenous, African, Afro-Asiatic [ Most of the modern Han population of China has its genetic origins in Africa], Afro-Latino Afro-American descent, who constitute approximately 90 percent of the global population. This global majority which is ever increasingly melanated or phenotypically brown or black (as we have seen pheomelanin dominant populations in a fast decline globally since the early1970s) has created economic partnerships to create parity with nations that have historically exploited and stolen their resources.

Even in the United States there are systemic roadblocks to people that are not regarded as preferred participants in the American dream and have been historically sabotaged when they attempted to build their own economic bases for shared power and self direction within the parameters outlined in the commonly held beliefs of the socio economic justice suggested by the Constitution and other documents and oratory espoused as American fact. Only to find their communities burned, flooded, terrorized by armed vigilantes, decimated by economic sanctions that stole their lands, to pave over them for highways and create recreational parks and lakes such as New Yorks Central Park and Forsyth Georgia's Lake Lanier. Not to mention decades of the Mexican Ranchers and their families massacred with the help of the Texas Rangers to assure that Texas remained in the control of "White" Americans who were the first illegal aliens of the region.

In the present day climate change is the non GMO straw breaking the proverbial oil Sheiks petro-pharmaceutical camel's back! The armor of white supremacy is cracking wide open and lo and behold migrants are storming in. A necessity in order to support the farming industry now at war to crush the small farmer in order to corporatize farming and begin the automaton based Ai reinforced Auto-agrarian revolution. From the NCAA being forced to allow athletes access to pay to prevent their migration to HBCU's to the ghettoization of black communities in order to use buffer communities to start the initial phases of gentrification Climate change is slowing the process enough so that people have a chance to understand the rigged monopoly game and its levels of subterfuge being thwarted by the grass roots! In short you cant win at monopoly fairly when dice are loaded so you always end up in jail and the Banker keeps stealing from the bank and giving the money to every player but you!

We see the chains forged by colonialist imperialism being battered and shattered and its purveyors being exposed and deposed. Yes, Climate Change is an existential threat, but the question is... are those in power willing to live in a world where they have to act humanely, or would they rather see it all burn to ashes?


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