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The Last of the Gate-Keepers

Understanding Black Self Hate in a System of White Supremacy

A person of African descent that knowingly or unknowingly perpetuates the agenda of elitism colonialism puritanism or other race / bias platforms supporting systems of white supremacy and oppression. A Negropean seeks validation from white people and power structures oppressive to blacks in order to be accepted by the oppressor it is a psychology akin to the Stockholm syndrome. A Negropean is willing to be denigrated and see those he or she is complexionally identified with vilified in order to make those of European consent feel validated in their biases and prejudices.

“The Oppressors greatest weapon is the minds of the oppressed. ”South African Hero Stephen Biko once said. What he was expressing is that through fear,intimidation and terrorism oppressive systems teach the oppressed that they are the ones responsible for their own oppression because of something innate within them, and this is why the oppressor must be brutal and inhuman in his behavior to the oppressed. This allows the oppressor the psychological freedom not to ponder if there is something within them that makes them innately violent, brutal, and murderous towards the oppressed.

In the case of white supremacy the oppressor asks the black man or woman to do something they feel should be easy. Escape your blackness. Whether blacks can escape their blackness makes any rational sense is not discussed. Yet the Negropean who has a mind colonized by belief in white superiority is motivated by assertions that blacks who try to become white can attain this by becoming adoptive of all the attitudes, bias and belief systems of the worship of whiteness most importantly the hatred of their own culture and ethnicities and even physical self. As a result Negropeans have ultimately adopted self-destructive behaviors against themselves.and those they complexionally identify with so much so they will give their lives or even poison themselves with chemicals to appear lighter skinned or have straighter or blonde hair. They will do eye surgeries risking blindness for blue or green eyes.

Negropean women will knowingly use chemical products that cause fibroids, cancer and infertility to appear more European. risking their lives to embrace a foreign beauty phenotype, based on traits that are only conducive to survival in extreme arctic climes! In nature albinoid mates are the last chosen as the recessive characteristics are not conducive to healthy progeny or survival in warm climes!

The mean numbers of humanity are melanated for a reason we need the sun to survive. Abundance of food and biodiversity is found in climates where there is plentiful sunlight and fresh water. Blackness in the context of humanity is natural a highly prized and desirable trait for 80% of human history and above all, beautiful and good. The current xenophobic attacks and bleaching of black skin should be exposed and interrogated as fundamental problems and an insane motivation for blacks wanting to escape the black Self. It is Akin to a lion removing its mane or a panther painting itself white making itself unable to hunt in the jungle.

The reason why this mind set is prevalent in many black communities is simple the communities don’t have control of their education systems that are built on behavioral modification models white supremacist indoctrination as described by literary notables like HL Mencken and Naz/confederate antebellum reeducation protocols,(especially in the US).this reeducation and behavior modification extends far beyond the classroom it literally involves the environment. Starting with city planners as the first tier.

Starting in the late 19th century black and white towns were separated sometimes by train tracks or natural boundaries like hills or rivers etc. but close enough so whites could keep a watchful eye on the black communities and measure their growth or lack thereof. If a black town began to become too prosperous or autonomous from white control it was destroyed. If a black church or school unified the black community and enabled them to progress in any way it was burned and the leader or founders lynched. If blacks tried to move away as a group whites sent spies to discover where they were going and why and to see if there was a leader encouraging the move or inspiring them to find prosperity and a better life beyond white surveillance authorities were called people were denied fair prices for the sale of property food was denied them from local markets and black civic leaders would be arrested.

White supremacists were in constant fear of the rise of the black man because they knew that their rise was the majority of human history. The biased European knew that he was the unwanted immigrant for almost the entirety of human civilization. He was the Aryan, the Visigoth, the Viking, the Marauder, the Barbarian, the Hyksos, the Philistine, the Spartan, the Infidel, the Roman, the Crusader, the Privateer, the Inquisitor, the Vagabonds the Conquistador, the Missionary, the Pilgrim, the Colonizer, the Ranger,the Nazi, the Confederacy he did not build he forced others to build for him, his paradigm is one of violent conquest, constant war, pillage and theft. That is the paradigm of a culture that worships death and destruction and through its religious fervor always promotes heavenly decreed murder and conquest becoming an army for God's past or present; it is a fundamental part of who he is.

Blackness has been created or shaped as a problem by white people, and as a result, some black people believe this and have started hating their blackness. The major problem of Black people for white supremacy is hiding its history and truth. The black origin of the majority of human civilizations as well as its history of art,innovation,creativity,language,mathematics,spirituality,etc…costs millions if not billions to hide. The attempts to keep black history which is 80 percent of ALL human history out of books and other media crosses international lines.

The knowledge of this greatness whites fear would hurt their children and make them question they are superior to the people that ruled the planet for almost all of human history and in fact were the first modern humans. What is even more worrisome is that according to genetics because of African genetic diversity the next steps in human evolution will most likely come from this group.When homo sapiens appeared the neanderthal and Denisovan disappeared! We know from the study of the human genome that the last genetic traces of the Neanderthal are within the European and some Asian populations who are basically offspring genetically speaking, the hybrid of modern man (the so-called sub saharan melanated African) and the albinoid hairy red haired green eyed freckled stocky, short necked, Neanderthal/Denisovan.

In short the so- called Negropean because of the educational system wants to have Neanderthal traits! If fully indoctrinated which includes having a hatred for reading and belief that God is white and all things good come from whiteness he has partially succeeded because great intelligence is not one of them! Negropeans have shown that they hate their blackness; which has resulted in their efforts in trying to escape the black self and succumbing to lies that white is more beautiful than black. These lies include, 1) that black man was (is) not civilized, 2) that black man was (is) a savage, 3) that black man was (is) lazy." All these lies, of course, lead them to the conclusion that the black man is inferior. The recreation of blackness has been distorted into being ugly and bad, thereby stigmatizing this beautiful color-resulting in self-hate.

Blacks thought that economic emancipation and social status would solve this problem, but "if you have money and have fame, but you do not have any confidence in your blackness, then it is all for nothing."(Paul Mooney Black Comedian 2007) Blackness has always been the abhorrent thing to whites and disgruntled blacks. White ideology and the oppression of black people have caused Negropeans to declare their natural selves as ugly and a beast of some sort; it has left some blacks feeling inferior. Thus originated a declaration of black identity as something that is not good and beautiful and it is for this reason that we see Negropeans constantly in transit, trying to escape their blackness in a futile war with themselves instead of the real enemy, their distorted education.History is what creates a shared identity in a people. It is based on that shared identity that they the dispossessed act collectively.

To take away a people's history, to degrade their history is to degrade their sense of shared identity to remove the basis upon which they must behave collectively and reach their goal collectively. That's why the history is rewritten. (Wilson 1993, 39)In the books that our schools present for black children to read, whites are always "good" (good symbols are white), blacks are usually evil or poor, lacking in education or relying on white saviors to uplift them. They are often seen as slaves, criminals, hyper sexualized women, effeminate men, or savages in movies. It is not a secret that whites have sponsored or nurtured black self-hate and self-sabotage.

It is within this context that blacks must consciously and subconsciously realize that what they were taught was not for their liberation, but was essentially in the best interest of Whites. Blacks are depicted as murderers, wife beaters, rapists, drug dealers, prostitutes, thieves, hijackers, and so forth. This is a fabrication of our historical reality that expresses the connection between racism, classism and sexism. TV shows movies and educators are forbidden from showing and teaching our true histories in point depictions of Ancient Kemet called Egypt by the Greeks. It is this history that blacks are denied and the falsehoods based on anti black propaganda they want to escape from. The escaping black history as presented by whites by default becomes a deeply held unconscious black desire.


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