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The Hottest Year In Human History Speeds Up The Demise of The Baby Boomers!

If We Don't Go Green Right Now And Stop Listening To Idiot and Greedy Politicians Millions Will DIE! 50 % of the young people on the planet believe the earth is ending and the time for humanity is up.

Growing numbers of seniors are using more energy. They also are most likely to suffer in extreme weather, which has become more common as the planet warms. The irony is that the age demographic most responsible for the problems we are facing will be the first too die because of the bodies inability to cool itself at certain temperatures especially if you are over 60!

Buildings, and residential buildings in particular, are the world’s largest energy consumers. Two researchers recently analyzed federal data on household energy usage that was gathered from 1987 to 2009, and involved nearly 30,000 owner-occupied units. Distinct patterns emerged by age.

Usage was lowest among young adults, who typically occupy smaller households, said Hossein Estiri, a computational demographer at Harvard Medical School and an author on the paper.

Consumption rose rapidly among the 30- to 54-year-old cohort — “the peak of having kids and larger houses,” he noted — then stabilized when people reached their 60s. But “after 65, it goes up and it keeps going up,” Dr. Estiri said.

The trend persisted when the researchers controlled for income and housing types, but it varied by geography. When the researchers looked at climate zones, they found that “energy consumption in warmer regions becomes really elevated for the older group.”

Why do older people use more juice? The study could not provide explanations, but “there might be more need for air-conditioning,” Dr. Estiri speculated. “Or older people may not be able to maintain their homes as well” to conserve energy. “Maybe their appliances are old and less efficient. All of these could contribute.”

Its too late to stop climate change all we can do is prepare for the coming catastrophe our governments aren't being truthful because they want to stop mass panic and protect the lives and profits of the companies and men who are responsible for what is now occurring. The public utilities commissions are sellouts and utilities are in control that don't care about the costs in human lives their companies are causing.

We have failed to take climate change seriously and allowed politicians who are paid off by corporations to lead us we would have been better off sending these men to prison than allowing them to lead and after the effects of what they have done is seen by the globe putting them away for life may be the only compensation the earth will get for their attempt to kill our planet in order to get rich!


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