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Storm Betty Hits Ireland State Of Emergency Called!

Will Climate Change Sink Ireland? Calculations indicating that the sea-level would rise by 30 - 40 meters if we don't stop using fossil fuels by 2050, this mean that much of the west of Ireland would be lost to the Atlantic Ocean. Half of the region of Connacht would be submerged. As for the UK Around one million people would be displaced, and the biggest city left in the UK would be Birmingham. If climate change continues at such a high rate, Ireland is likely to be affected by the following: Air temperature will rise by 2-3 degrees by 2050. Rainfall will increase in winter and decrease in summer. Sea temperatures may rise by 2-5 degrees before the end of the century, causing frequent intense, aggressive storms.

Climate change Superstorms Hit the UK and this is just the beginning!

Western areas of the UK will also be affected, with high winds and heavy rain likely for many. A Met Office yellow warning for wind covers coastal areas of western Wales, eastern Northern Ireland and parts of northwest England and southwest Scotland. Rain warnings have also been issued from late Friday and into Saturday for Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland.


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