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Sabrina Pilet Jones: Gardening and the Spiritual Power of Environmental Health

Sabrina Pilet Jones, Boston Artist, Farmer, Herbalist, Healer, and Eco-Educator shares her spiritual journey through programming that embraces the Power of Environmental Health.

The word “Doula” is a Greek word that literally means “female slave for the child-bearing woman.” Today the word means “One who mothers the mother. Rhodopis an ancient tale about a Greek slave girl in ruby red slippers who marries the Pharaoh of Egypt. The original Cinderella story was first recorded by the Greek historian Strabo ”

The environmental health field advances policies and programs that reduce chemical and other environmental exposures in air, water, soil and food. Sabrina Pilet Jones a local Boston Farmer and farm manager for the Urban Farming Institute. Sabrina taught Juju Box: Sacred Plant Rituals of the African Diaspora, an herbal journey with plants of the African Diaspora, at Boston’s Herbstalk (@herbstalk) with her partner, Yoruba Practitioner Arirá Adééké (@seedofosun). Sabrina Pilet-Jones, is also a community artist and certified doula who helps women work through and prevent postpartum depression and birth trauma, who is passionate about herbs and natural healing, and strives to be a healing force for her community. In the medicine space, she intends to work on her own body image and acceptance.

Her journey in Environmental health began when she received Cosmic Sister’s immersive Plant Spirit Grant in 2018 to experience ayahuasca ceremonies at Temple of The Way of Light in the Peruvian Amazon, which inspired her to found Sabrina’s Garden (@sabrinas_garden), a popup flower shop. “Ayahuasca is not a magical pill. It’s hard, deep, transformative shamanic work that forces you into the deepest, darkest parts of yourself to find the unique light we all hold,” she says.

Sabrina has practiced farming, horticulture, herbal medicine, and spiritual/magical studies, including hoodoo and shamanism, throughout her life beginning at the age of nine.

Studying African American spirituality and ancestral universal laws of living in harmony with Dr. Nteri Nelson, empowered Sabrina to continue her own personal spiritual exploration and help others heal. Sabrina enjoys working with and teaching youth, especially young women while she advocates for plant medicine education and Harm reduction which has led to various creative projects throughout the City of Boston.

With the creation of her company Sabrina’s Garden her main goal is to provide organically grown fresh cut local flowers to a community that is often disconnected from nature and educate the public on the importance of purchasing locally grown flowers and increasing pollinator activity in the greater Boston area. 80 % of flowers in the US are grown overseas in chemical-ridden conditions and in green houses that emit harmful gasses.

The remaining 20% is grown locally often with healthy organic practices and by farmers that care about the pollinator population. Sabrina wanted to be a part of that 20%. Along with increasing the pollinators she wanted to increase the beauty in the urban communities by adding beautiful plots of flowers around the city of Boston. The flowers have been bringing joy to the Mattapan, Dorchester, and Roxbury Communities for the past 5 years. Local residents not only enjoy The Sabrina’s Garden bouquets, they enjoy the look of the micro flower farm in their neighborhood as the flowers visually add a bit more happiness to the area and raise property values. Sabrina enjoys hosting schools for activities and plans to have more community events in the years to come.

The BIG picture of what Sabrina’s Garden is working towards for the years to come is land acquisition where we can have a healing farm where we continue to grow flowers and herbs but can upscale in our workshops and community healing events and retreats for BIPOC and the HIV positive community connecting them to wellness through gardening as well. In a phone conference with Members of Black Coral Inc Sabrina agreed to a meeting to see how Black coral and Sabrina’s Garden among others concerned about the environment can work together to build and beautify Boston’s communities while teaching others about the importance of sustaining the ecosystem and our spiritual growth and historic legacies as well!


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