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Resurgence of Early Americana Crafts

In a difficult economy families find old ways are somehow economical, fun and seemingly new!

ON the supermarket shelves we see Vogue with a knitting on the catwalk cover, Arts crafts and DIY for everything from beard balms, hair products and soap-making to homemade sauces and craft brews can be found on social media sites. The former consumers are now building online presence to become producers! And like the "New" BIPOC media they are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. It’s often said that everything comes back into style, and that certainly rings true for crafting. Trends from the past that we once fondly enjoyed are beginning to be recognized once again as new generations discover them, thanks to the advent of social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Even non profits like Black Coral an arts and climate/social justice focused non-profit has taken over the publishing rights of High Soaring Millennials Magazine and will relaunch this popular underground national mag to reflect the goals of the organization more directly. They are seeking staff and volunteers including Editors Writers, Photographers and Artists who are seeking practical experience in learning the skills needed for publishing for a nationwide and even global audience.

Some of you may know it as the craft of the seventies, but macrame has had a resurgence and a little makeover to turn it into a modern-day craft that interior design lovers are lusting after in order to achieve a boho vibe. Put simply, it’s the art of knotting rope in order to create hanging baskets, wall decorations and even bags. Calligraphy the art of beautiful writing is another technique that’s having a resurgence, dip your toes into this craft that even counts Megan Markle as a fan!

Major changes within the paper & pulp industry are nothing new, with the market experiencing continuous change for over one hundred years and a steady decline globally in recent decades. Many believed that after the decline caused by digital media and the effects of Covid-19, the paper industry would experience even more drastic declines, with the viewpoint that the industry would never be able to compete with the current digital technology.

But those viewpoints never took into account nostalgia and romance, people crave closeness the ability to feel touch and smell we want all our senses to be awakened. Because of this innate desire the paper & pulp industry is experiencing a period of growth, with industry leaders reacting to changes and disruptions by embracing innovation, along with changes in consumer demand especially from millennials for more sustainable options helping the industry and the ecology thrive.

Hundreds of people daily are discovering the art of papermaking at home or by joining papermaking classes to learn a craft that allows you to create gifts of personality and uniqueness that is hard to rival. Some people are even opening artistic paper boutiques with all types of items created with handmade paper from notebooks to stationery! Under The Sun Store in Michigan is an online store gaining in popularity and selling everything from pencils made from tree branches to leather-bound journals with handmade paper.

In Boston Massachusetts an organization called Sisters In Stitches Joined By The Cloth (SISJBTC) will be hosts what they call a Make N’ Take space that is all about creating! They won't tell you everything, but you will discover how to make impromptu Greeting Cards to mail to family or friends! In hopes it will encourage people to discover or rediscover their creative side with textile, paper to art? They proclaim "Let us create the objective of this dynamic hub to inspire new and seasoned visitors alike by exposing them to a variety of textile arts. Come and Join us."

Upcoming Event:

10/23/2022 SISJBTC - -BEYOND THE QUILTS Trunk Show

2 PM to 5 PM Closing Reception

Dillaway-Thomas House


3 PM via Zoom

11/19/2022 SISJBTC Guild Meeting, In-Person and via Zoom

1:00 – 5:00 PM


3 PM via Zoom

12/17/2022 SISJBTC Guild Meeting, In-Person and via Zoom

1:00 – 5:00 PM


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