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New Grant Writer For Black Coral Inc.

Grant Writer, Internet Security Specialist, and IT Professional, Ludmila Gomes Joins The Black Coral Team!

The former employee of Evident Scientific & Core BTS, of Waltham, MA has set her sights on securing funding for Black Coral Inc. This will allow us to expand our programs and build upon last years successes such as funding from Lyft, Mass Cultural Council, Boston Red Sox and affiliates and others listed in our annual report.

Ludmila is an experienced Manager with extensive training in the Computer Sciences who has Performed wide-ranging administrative, financial and IT security-related functions. Ludmila has also served as corporate liaison for finance, IT and marketing with the US armed forces and is a Veteran focused on making the lives of all US citizens better in the wake of the existential threat climate change poses.

Ludmila gained a lot of her finance experience as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Concord Wealth Management where she not only trained new employees but used advanced software to generate reports and presentations for clients. While maintaining confidential databases she also managed accounts by Using QuickBooks to produce monthly invoices, reports,

and other deliverables.

Using these skills she became the chief fundraiser for her National Guard Unit. She currently holds a certification In IT security and an Associates degree in Political Science: Information Technology from U Mass, and is expecting her Bachelors of Science Degree in Information Technology in 2024. A proud Brockton native of Cape Verdean decent Ludmila seeks to make her mark by helping others.


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